Hans Andersen’s Fairytales—What Has Been Read So Far

So I’m not gonna lie. I love fairytales like The Little Mermaid, Cinderella, Hansel and Gretel. But I’ve never actually sat down and read the stories. The original stories.

So my fiancee bought me a very old copy of Hans Andersen’s Fairytales. It’s literally 130 years old. I have never even touched anything that old in my whole life! Anyways, I kept hearing about The Snow Queen. Everyone says that it’s one of the best stories that he has written. I was also told that there were many versions of it… But in my book, the story is like 2 pages long. And there’s really nothing much to it. Just two kids who were friends, one takes off with the queen and is lost for a whole year. And then a reindeer takes the other friend to go rescue him. And that’s that. Not even details about the queen herself. It was an okay story but not really the best in my option.

The Daisy was another short story written by the same author. That’s a story that I really do recommend to everyone. Though it sound kind of silly to be crying over a flower… The story really is heart breaking. I won’t even spoil that one, just in case no one has read it. I think it’s one of his less popular stories. Though I really have no clue why. Though this story makes me think of bullies who are envious and though they get what’s coming to them, the victim still loses in the end.

The Steadfast Tin Soldier was another story that I had heard about. I honestly think that The Nutcracker possibly came from this story because it sounds just like it only it ends happily, unlike Andersen’s. This story will break your heart into little pieces, stomp on the pieces, and then eat it. The rats are not the main villains in this story. It’s actually a little goblin that curses the little soldier and keeps him from his love, The Paper Lady. It’s a tragic love story… Definitely needs to be one of the first stories that you read.

So far those are the only stories I have read. But next up is The Little Mermaid. Hopefully it’s a good one too! Until then!


Me Vs. Phone Troll

I really hate getting random numbers calling me and harassing me. It’s like these people don’t have lives. All they do is call to waste your time or creep you out.

Today was no different. I received a random call, blocked of course. I answered thinking it was the insurance company because they have called me on blocked numbers before. I got no answer. I said hello 3 times before they hung up the phone. I was annoyed but just ignored it. But then I got a number texting me like a minute later asking for someone named Shelly. Hm… That’s fishy. I texted back to let them know they had the wrong number and to ask if they were the ones that just called on a block number. They said no. They only text. Well no biggie. I let that go and that was that. Five minutes later the person texts again asking who I was.

Ok. I let the first two times slide. This just made me think that maybe it was the same person. I told them since they were the ones who texted me then they should be the ones to tell me who they are.

It’s like that was kryponite to these people because they immediately stopped texting.

This made me even more curious. I remembered a joke about how some person was being trolled on by this phone troll and he managed to reverse everything and get the guy back throughout it all. He even named himself Mr Taco. Lol.

Well, I decided to follow Mr Taco’s lead and google search the phone number. Nothing. I did the same thing on FaceBook. Nothing. I was thinking that I’d most likely have to suffer with another harassing person. But then, like a gift from God, I found a website. (I’m not going to mention it in case I have to use it again. But let’s just say Yahoo! Answers can really come up with some good sites.) This website gave me the exact location of the person calling me. Name. And it even had comments from other people who had been contacted by this number. Apparently this person had a LONG history of calling random people and either listening to their personalized voicemail or listening to their voice when they picked up the phone. If the person was female, they’d text back and be very flirtatious and creepy. He went by David, Daniel, Michael, John and even Big Dave Nofles.

Aha! So this person was a creeper. So I texted them asking which name was the real one. Person got all offended and said she was a girl. Said that they had just gotten this phone and I had no right to judge her.

Ok… I may have made a mistake. But I didn’t want to give. This would be a line that anyone would have said to get out of something. I remembered that they had called first then texted. Even though I had no proof that it was the same number, I didn’t think it was just some coincidence. It had to have been from the same phone. And they had stopped texting when I asked for their name and had refused to give them my own. And this cell had a huge history dating back 3 years ago. The most recent being a few days ago. So I called them out on it.

And they didn’t deny it that time. Only said that I had no right to judge. And I don’t know them. And they could care less what I thought of them.

Well, doesn’t that sound like a teenager. I called them out again and let them know that I will judge. And next time cover their tracks when trying to harass someone.

Didn’t get offended then. Just threw more of a tantrum. Well… I got them, didn’t I? So why would they deny it now? Lol.

Though I did feel obligated to point out that their spelling was really bad. And maybe they should get a few lessons. Their response?

“There was nothing wrong with my spelling? , but ya whatever then lol ha ha”

Hm… Lets see… What’s the point of the question mark? Why the randomly located comma? and I’m pretty sure it’s yeah not ya. And I’m fairly positive Lol and ha ha mean the same thing…

And I have not heard back from them since. I call that a win.

Elf On the Shelf Tradition

So very recently I started to hear about the Elf On the Shelf tradition. Apparently front what I heard, this elf was supposed to be a motivator to get kids to behave better during the Christmas holiday. So I guess during the night when the kids are asleep, the parent is supposed to move the elf and make it do something new, starting from Thanksgiving to Christmas. It’s a very cute idea. Well, I thought so.
I decided to get an elf of my own, which I did today. I don’t have any kids of my own, but I decided it might be fun for newlyweds. Maybe as a little prankster. Or a little hint as to what will be going on that day. I dont know yet. I think it might  be too late to start the tradition now since Christmas is just a week away. But I will definitely start it next year and maybe start planning a few weeks before then as to what I’ll have our little elf do.
For now, he just has a name. Jack. For Jack Frost. We’ll see how this little tradition goes!

Frozen Review

So I recently went to go see the movie Frozen. I had heard so much about this movie and I needed to see it for myself. See if it was as good as everyone was raving about.

And it completely was THAT good. And more.

No spoilers for this blog since I’m sure not everyone is done watching this! But this movie is fantastic! You have Princess Anna, the corky, stubborn and innocent child. She’s naive and out there. Literally I can put the song “Girls Just Want to Have Fun” on when she comes out on screen. She kinda reminds me a little of Rapunzel. Lol.

Then there’s her beautiful older sister Elsa. This poor girl has a curse that freezes everything she’s near. Any wonder why it’s called Frozen yet? This girl is the complete opposite of Anna. She’s anxious, scared, but she’s quiet and observant.  And above everything else, she loves her sister Anna.

This movie is all about sisterhood, with an unexpected twist at the end. Besides the lovely sisterhood, there are many memorable characters and a few love interests here and there.

I would definitely rate this movie a 5. It’s a must see!

“Impeach Obama From Office”

This is what was on a booth that was placed right in front of my local post office. I believe that everyone has their own opinions and if they don’t like Obama then they don’t. No big deal really.

But what really caught my eye was a picture of Obama with Hitler’s mustache and uniform. That really upset me.

Okay. If you don’t like this man as our president, that’s perfectly fine. That’s your opinion and you have every right to voice it. What I think you don’t have a right to is slandering someone else’s image and reputation. How is Obama anything like Hitler? Or what has he done to make anyone believe that he should portrayed as such? Has he sentenced anyone to death in a gas chamber? Maybe tortured them? Has he created a holocaust? Or imprisoned and killed millions of a certain race or type of person???

Gee, I’m a little confused. Because if he hasn’t done anything like this, then why does anyone think they should put him into the same category as Hitler?

Sure this man might have made some mistakes, and some of us are really not too happy with his decisions at the moment. Personally, I did not even vote for him. But… He has not done such a terrible job. Not so bad that he needs to be recognized as the next possible Hitler. He’s doing his best. 

If anyone in my town actually signed anything in that booth, then I apology to Mr. Obama for them. For their ignorance. If our president gets impeached then let us hope it’s done with respect, because he is a human being. Maybe not the best leader, but he’s our leader regardless. He’s in office because, whether we agree or not, we picked him. And fairly too. The least anyone can do is say “Dear Mr President, I sorely disagree with your decisions and I hope that you will either step down or maybe try to take a different approach.”

Don’t start making pictures of his face and stamping Hitler all over it and saying “This is the next dictator in our world!!”

This is wrong people! Show that you are from a first world country. Show that you are educated! That you were brought up and raised with manners.

This is bullying! This is slander! This is wrong!

Black Friday

It might be a little late for this. But I figure I might as well tell my story now.

So I heard that on Black Friday, two girls ganged up on another girl and one of the girls ended up pulling out a taser and zapping the lone chick. Crazy huh. All for something that probably wasn’t worth it. Really people, don’t act like animals.

I went shopping around 8pm on Thanksgiving Day because the sales started early. I spent 30 minutes in a Walmart like to get IN. I thought that was crazy! But shit got crazier. So I’m making my way to the toy section with my friend and out of nowhere, this man starts pulling out his penis. -.- Trying to gross people out of the way so that he could get his hands on a few items. I was grossed out. -.- Security ended up tracking him and escorting his naked butt out. Needless to say I didn’t stay either.

I had no crazy naked men in Target. But I did stay in a check out line for like an hour! Trying to just buy a few items that I thought were worth it. But when I went to a neighboring town and decided to stop by their Super Target… I should’ve just headed there first. Literally there were no lings and all the things I had wanted were there. My shopping would have been done in like thirty minutes if I had gone there first!

I think the only good thing about Black Friday was that my city wasn’t getting violent like in other places. Try not to take weapons next year. If there’s a fight, it’s probably not worth it. Just let it go and move along. 

Is it “Feminine” For a Man to…

Okay, so I recently had an argument with my dad about what makes a man feminine. It started while I was watching Extreme Couponing and my dad decided to walk in and watch it with me. He immediately started to say that having a man coupon and shop is very feminine. Saying that a man should not do something that was meant for a woman.

Now I consider myself very open-minded considering that I’m from a earlier generation. I disagree with my father and think that if a man is able to take on that chore and save money in the process, why shouldn’t he do it. It might be helping out his wife. I think that in this day and age, people don’t really care what role a man takes on.

Of course my dad was not very willing to accept that. In his opinion he believes that the old roles of women and men is still the best way to go by. A man, in my father’s opinion, is considered feminine or lazy if he does the following:

1.) Is the one shopping for groceries.

2.) Enjoys clothes shopping.

3.) Is a stay at home dad.

4.) Cooks for the family. (Not including barbecuing.)

5.) Knows how to dress himself in a very fashionable way.

6.) Does not know a thing about mechanics.

7.) Cleans the house. (Not including yards, garages or trash.)

8.) Does not watch sports.

9.) He hates scary movies or scary rides at theme parks.

10.) He’s very clean and well groomed.

See… I think most, if not all, of these are not things that are to be insulted upon. I think a man who can do most of these or is most of these is a man who is very open to changing his role and is possibly even considerate about his wife. I think the world is changing and people stuck in the past are just gonna see things get different every day. And they’re not going to be able to deal with it. Well… That’s just my own opinion of course.