Me Vs. Phone Troll

I really hate getting random numbers calling me and harassing me. It’s like these people don’t have lives. All they do is call to waste your time or creep you out.

Today was no different. I received a random call, blocked of course. I answered thinking it was the insurance company because they have called me on blocked numbers before. I got no answer. I said hello 3 times before they hung up the phone. I was annoyed but just ignored it. But then I got a number texting me like a minute later asking for someone named Shelly. Hm… That’s fishy. I texted back to let them know they had the wrong number and to ask if they were the ones that just called on a block number. They said no. They only text. Well no biggie. I let that go and that was that. Five minutes later the person texts again asking who I was.

Ok. I let the first two times slide. This just made me think that maybe it was the same person. I told them since they were the ones who texted me then they should be the ones to tell me who they are.

It’s like that was kryponite to these people because they immediately stopped texting.

This made me even more curious. I remembered a joke about how some person was being trolled on by this phone troll and he managed to reverse everything and get the guy back throughout it all. He even named himself Mr Taco. Lol.

Well, I decided to follow Mr Taco’s lead and google search the phone number. Nothing. I did the same thing on FaceBook. Nothing. I was thinking that I’d most likely have to suffer with another harassing person. But then, like a gift from God, I found a website. (I’m not going to mention it in case I have to use it again. But let’s just say Yahoo! Answers can really come up with some good sites.) This website gave me the exact location of the person calling me. Name. And it even had comments from other people who had been contacted by this number. Apparently this person had a LONG history of calling random people and either listening to their personalized voicemail or listening to their voice when they picked up the phone. If the person was female, they’d text back and be very flirtatious and creepy. He went by David, Daniel, Michael, John and even Big Dave Nofles.

Aha! So this person was a creeper. So I texted them asking which name was the real one. Person got all offended and said she was a girl. Said that they had just gotten this phone and I had no right to judge her.

Ok… I may have made a mistake. But I didn’t want to give. This would be a line that anyone would have said to get out of something. I remembered that they had called first then texted. Even though I had no proof that it was the same number, I didn’t think it was just some coincidence. It had to have been from the same phone. And they had stopped texting when I asked for their name and had refused to give them my own. And this cell had a huge history dating back 3 years ago. The most recent being a few days ago. So I called them out on it.

And they didn’t deny it that time. Only said that I had no right to judge. And I don’t know them. And they could care less what I thought of them.

Well, doesn’t that sound like a teenager. I called them out again and let them know that I will judge. And next time cover their tracks when trying to harass someone.

Didn’t get offended then. Just threw more of a tantrum. Well… I got them, didn’t I? So why would they deny it now? Lol.

Though I did feel obligated to point out that their spelling was really bad. And maybe they should get a few lessons. Their response?

“There was nothing wrong with my spelling? , but ya whatever then lol ha ha”

Hm… Lets see… What’s the point of the question mark? Why the randomly located comma? and I’m pretty sure it’s yeah not ya. And I’m fairly positive Lol and ha ha mean the same thing…

And I have not heard back from them since. I call that a win.


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