Blood and Chocolate by Annette Curtis Klause – Review



I read this book back when I was about 15. I remembered not really liking it nor understanding it quite well. I reread it and finished it today. Loved it. Now I understand the choices that were made and why. 

Before I review this book I’m going to be completely honest about something. I am very strict with the personalities, actions and character development of female characters. Usually because most books (not all) portray women to have horrible judgement, values, ideas, and they almost always play victim or damsel to scenes that a normal woman would have fought through if it was needed.

Oh by the way, small spoilers ahead.

That being said, I was able to tolerate Klause’s heroine, Vivian, to a point. Vivian is a very headstrong, independent thinking young woman. She lost her father in a fire accident and her pack (oh yeah she’s a werewolf, so to speak. Actually a loup garou) is forced to move to a different city, since some pack members had caved into bloodlust and killed a human. Vivian is different from the rest of the pack. She worries about the bloodlust and wonders if it is possible to live among humans without harming them. She feels like an outcast, different from both the humans and the rest of the loup garou pack.

Through a small turn of events, she finds comfort in a human boy named Aiden. To her, he is different and she feels loved in a way that no werewolf has ever been able to. Though, it is considered taboo among her pack to show such affection for a human. This whole story is about how Vivian pushes the boundaries without letting this boy know who she really is and keeping her pack from tearing him apart.


There’s a movie to this book. And I’ll tell you right now that this book is very different from the movie. The similarities are that she does fall in love for this boy and does not tell him who she is. She does keep her pack away from him. She does catch the attention of the pack leader who wants to mate her. 

Now for the differences. Please avert your eyes if you want no major spoilers. Because I’m about to just give the ending to both movie and book.

In the movie, Vivian breaks the boundary by showing Aiden who she is and in the end, she stays with him because he understands her and still finds her beautiful. In the book, Aiden is a scaredy cat and he at one point tries to kill her. He doesn’t see her as beautiful and reacts quite cruelly when she reveals her second form. She never ends up with him in the book.

Also in the movie, Gabriel, the leader of the pack, is about 30 years old. He’s arrogant, stubborn, cruel and lusty. It’s easy to not really like him and his old fashion ways. He wants to force Vivian into everything she doesn’t want to do. In the book, Gabriel is only 24. He has risked his life for the pack, he’s strong and is not afraid to kill, yet he always feels remorse for it. He loves Vivian and understands her affection for Aiden even though he tries to warn her of the dangers. And in the end of the book, Gabriel it is the one who tells Vivian that he loves her in any shape or form and it is Gabriel who stays with Vivian as her lover.

Big difference. Both are very good in their own ways though. Read and watch both versions. Let me know if you agree with me. Tell me what you think and which one you liked best. ❤


Updates On My Thoughts On Pocahontas 2

My best friend said that I should just ignore any sequels or prequels that Disney comes up with, because for the most part… they kinda suck. And I have to agree.

So yesterday I had said that I remembered Pocahontas 2 being about how Pocahontas does not end up with John Smith. And I was right. John Smith’s character (in my option) was a whole lot different in the second movie than in the first. He was immature, arrogent, and believed that Pocahontas could not do anything. Plus, he had it in his head that he knew exactly what Pocahontas wanted before she was even able to tell him. Basically a bad guy that doesn’t deserve a strong woman by his side. They gave the main focus to John Rolfe (was that his name???) They made this John seem like the sweetest and most understanding man, even though in the beginning of the movie he was very negative towards Pocahontas and the Indians of her tribe. Plus there was just so many loop holes in the store line,. And what killed me the most was that Pocahontas casually  tried one John for the other. Argh. I really really just hated the whole movie. It shouldn’t even have existed. But sadly it did. A hour and ten minutes of my life wasted.

Yeah, if you’re curious about a sequel or prequel of Disney, just ignore the curiosity. Don’t even bother watching. The chances are that it’s going to suck and just kill the whole series for you. I was beginning to love Pocahontas until this abomination. Do not recommend at all. TO ANYONE!!!

The Twilight Zone – The Lonely



I’m pretty sure that pretty much everyone has seen a few episodes from The Twilight Zone. If you haven’t then you’re missing out. Like big time.

The Twilight Zone is a show based on endless possibilities and dimensions. Every show is a “What if” scenario story. If you’re just starting out then I’d highly recommend that The Lonely be the first episode that you watch. “The Lonely” is a scenario based on the not so distant future. 2046. Where convicts are sent to serve their time in isolation on asteroids or small planets. Corry is an inmate that is that has been sentenced to 50 years of isolation on his little asteroid. Four times each year, Corry is visited by Captain Allenby, who brings Corry supplies and little pleasures so that Corry can keep his sanity. On this particular visit, Captain Allenby brings Corry a large box which he requests that Corry not open until they leave.Image

Inside the box is a robot woman named Alicia. Corry, at first, holds hostile thoughts towards the robot as he thinks Allenby has done it to mock him. But later, Corry falls in love with Alicia and begins to have a peaceful life with her on the asteroid. The next time the ship returns Allenby arrives to tell Corry that he has been pardoned for his crime and can be sent back home and that Corry is allowed to bring with him 15lbs of personal belongings. Corry gets excited and tells Allenby that he would go get Alicia, but Allenby tells him that Alicia would have to stay since she passes the 15lbs maximum. Corry tries to argue with Allenby by telling him that Alicia is a woman and not a robot. Allenby suddenly shoots Alicia in the face and basically “breaks” her, revealing that she is, in fact, a robot.Image

Allenby leads Corry back telling him that he is leaving behind only loneliness. And Corry responds with “I must remember to keep that in mind.”


Go look for this episode. It’s a must see. It will make you forget that this show was made about 60+ years ago. ❤ Enjoy!!!

Frozen Review

So I recently went to go see the movie Frozen. I had heard so much about this movie and I needed to see it for myself. See if it was as good as everyone was raving about.

And it completely was THAT good. And more.

No spoilers for this blog since I’m sure not everyone is done watching this! But this movie is fantastic! You have Princess Anna, the corky, stubborn and innocent child. She’s naive and out there. Literally I can put the song “Girls Just Want to Have Fun” on when she comes out on screen. She kinda reminds me a little of Rapunzel. Lol.

Then there’s her beautiful older sister Elsa. This poor girl has a curse that freezes everything she’s near. Any wonder why it’s called Frozen yet? This girl is the complete opposite of Anna. She’s anxious, scared, but she’s quiet and observant.  And above everything else, she loves her sister Anna.

This movie is all about sisterhood, with an unexpected twist at the end. Besides the lovely sisterhood, there are many memorable characters and a few love interests here and there.

I would definitely rate this movie a 5. It’s a must see!