Book Review: Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas

First of all, let me say, I’ve been sick with depression. Which explains my absence. Since I’ve been away from here, I’ve been reading my little heart away. I have currently finished two books but I think I’ll write about one today and one tomorrow. Lol.


Has anyone heard about this book??? I bet you have because right now it’s very popular in the YA section. So I was excited to read this book. I had heard so much about it. I heard that it was full of adventure, action, love, female empowerment, etc. Nothing but good things. So I bought the book the moment I saw it.

I was sorely disappointed.

Celaena’s character in my option was very flawed. Instead of this strong female assassin, who’s name brings fear to those around her. I get a woman who has a big talk, that she rarely backs up and who is so emotional that all I see is her being submissive and meek. Her head is not in the situation at hand. It is in her love life. She almost is like a scared rabbit. I understand that she’s female and she’s human. But if we can have a male assassin who is cold, strong, deadly and more like an animal, then why can’t a woman be like that? It doesn’t sound like female empowerment to me. I was so disappointed in her character and I can’t imagine why I was excited to read this book.

Dorian was just as annoying. But at the very least he had a solid character. Though he was spoiled and pushed his way into a relationship with Celaena, it was ultimately Celaena’s fault for the ways she felt. The only things she did right was to end it with him. And that is all that I can applaud her for.

Chaol… Oh this character was amazing. I loved him to bits. He broke my heart in many ways. I felt that though he was in love with Celaena, he did not let it cloud his judgement and he was always cautious about the troubles near by. I felt like he never forgot what was going on and what his job was. And though he was in heartbreak, he made sure to keep an eye on murders and on trying to get Celaena to do what she had to.

Over all, though this book was interesting enough to finish, it was not as good as every raved about and it just left me disappointed even though I enjoyed some parts of the book. I rated it a 3 for it’s lame characters and even lamer ending.

Do you agree or disagree? Check out my Goodreads page at Spaztic_Nerd, see what I’m reading, what I’m rating and what I’ve given up on.

Next review will be on City of Ashes by Cassandra Clare! Until then! ❤


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