“Impeach Obama From Office”

This is what was on a booth that was placed right in front of my local post office. I believe that everyone has their own opinions and if they don’t like Obama then they don’t. No big deal really.

But what really caught my eye was a picture of Obama with Hitler’s mustache and uniform. That really upset me.

Okay. If you don’t like this man as our president, that’s perfectly fine. That’s your opinion and you have every right to voice it. What I think you don’t have a right to is slandering someone else’s image and reputation. How is Obama anything like Hitler? Or what has he done to make anyone believe that he should portrayed as such? Has he sentenced anyone to death in a gas chamber? Maybe tortured them? Has he created a holocaust? Or imprisoned and killed millions of a certain race or type of person???

Gee, I’m a little confused. Because if he hasn’t done anything like this, then why does anyone think they should put him into the same category as Hitler?

Sure this man might have made some mistakes, and some of us are really not too happy with his decisions at the moment. Personally, I did not even vote for him. But… He has not done such a terrible job. Not so bad that he needs to be recognized as the next possible Hitler. He’s doing his best. 

If anyone in my town actually signed anything in that booth, then I apology to Mr. Obama for them. For their ignorance. If our president gets impeached then let us hope it’s done with respect, because he is a human being. Maybe not the best leader, but he’s our leader regardless. He’s in office because, whether we agree or not, we picked him. And fairly too. The least anyone can do is say “Dear Mr President, I sorely disagree with your decisions and I hope that you will either step down or maybe try to take a different approach.”

Don’t start making pictures of his face and stamping Hitler all over it and saying “This is the next dictator in our world!!”

This is wrong people! Show that you are from a first world country. Show that you are educated! That you were brought up and raised with manners.

This is bullying! This is slander! This is wrong!


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