Frozen Review

So I recently went to go see the movie Frozen. I had heard so much about this movie and I needed to see it for myself. See if it was as good as everyone was raving about.

And it completely was THAT good. And more.

No spoilers for this blog since I’m sure not everyone is done watching this! But this movie is fantastic! You have Princess Anna, the corky, stubborn and innocent child. She’s naive and out there. Literally I can put the song “Girls Just Want to Have Fun” on when she comes out on screen. She kinda reminds me a little of Rapunzel. Lol.

Then there’s her beautiful older sister Elsa. This poor girl has a curse that freezes everything she’s near. Any wonder why it’s called Frozen yet? This girl is the complete opposite of Anna. She’s anxious, scared, but she’s quiet and observant.  And above everything else, she loves her sister Anna.

This movie is all about sisterhood, with an unexpected twist at the end. Besides the lovely sisterhood, there are many memorable characters and a few love interests here and there.

I would definitely rate this movie a 5. It’s a must see!


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