Black Friday

It might be a little late for this. But I figure I might as well tell my story now.

So I heard that on Black Friday, two girls ganged up on another girl and one of the girls ended up pulling out a taser and zapping the lone chick. Crazy huh. All for something that probably wasn’t worth it. Really people, don’t act like animals.

I went shopping around 8pm on Thanksgiving Day because the sales started early. I spent 30 minutes in a Walmart like to get IN. I thought that was crazy! But shit got crazier. So I’m making my way to the toy section with my friend and out of nowhere, this man starts pulling out his penis. -.- Trying to gross people out of the way so that he could get his hands on a few items. I was grossed out. -.- Security ended up tracking him and escorting his naked butt out. Needless to say I didn’t stay either.

I had no crazy naked men in Target. But I did stay in a check out line for like an hour! Trying to just buy a few items that I thought were worth it. But when I went to a neighboring town and decided to stop by their Super Target… I should’ve just headed there first. Literally there were no lings and all the things I had wanted were there. My shopping would have been done in like thirty minutes if I had gone there first!

I think the only good thing about Black Friday was that my city wasn’t getting violent like in other places. Try not to take weapons next year. If there’s a fight, it’s probably not worth it. Just let it go and move along. 


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