A Little More Personal (Major Wedding Rant)

So big day tomorrow. Tomorrow is finally my wedding day!

And boy am I pissed off.

Let me explain. I’ve been planning to marry this girl for almost 3 damn years. Of course right now, we are broke and unstable. But we didn’t see why we couldn’t just go get hitched. In two years we’ll plan a nice ceremony and invite everyone we love!

Obviously this means we are only having a court wedding and inviting witnesses for both ends and the family that she is currently living with. (This is just a family of two!) I invited my best friend as my witness. She invited one of her younger sisters to be her’s.

The problem: EVERYONE wants to go to our wedding. EVERYONE! I have explained to them countless times that I am only getting married by court and the court only allows 15 people over all. I should have just kept my mouth shut. Everyone insists on going and beg and cry and throw a damn fit.

Tonight, my fiancee told me she got into a big argument with her other sister because she wanted to be the witness and she wanted to come along. The catch was that we had to go pick her up and then later take her back home. Plus she wanted us to throw a party. Where the fuck was I going to come up with the money to do all that. We can barely afford the damn marriage license fee!

I told my fiancee that her other sister can come. BUT… No party, and she had to get her own ride.

Oh my fiancee acted as if I just told her I killed her whole family. She demanded to know why. She thought I was being unreasonable. She said she was being forced to look like the bad guy. Blah blah blah blah BLAH!!!

How the flying fuck was I being unreasonable!? I didn’t say she couldn’t go. All I asked was that she get her own ride! But suddenly I’m the bad guy and her sister thinks we are being greedy. Really???

Ok… I could spend all this time explaining how I’m not being greedy and give out all my reasons all nicely as possible. But right now I’m so mad. I’m just going to say things exactly the way I want to and exactly the way I mean them.

IT’S MY FUCKING WEDDING!!!!! The day is supposed to be about me anyways! Not you! And I’m marrying your sister! Not you! So either kindly stfu and find your own ride to get here or just stay the hell home. It’s not going to kill me to not have you there when it was only supposed to be the witnesses in the first place.

Argh… This is gonna make me look like a horrible person. But frankly I’m tired of people’s shit. Bite me. Have a Happy Fucking Halloween.



So I read a blog that had actually been put up by my boss. That blog was about her first date with her later to be husband. She spoke about how a very awkward conversation where he wanted to discuss PDA. And she had thought that he had meant a birth defect that happens in animal. Though what he meant was Public Displays of Affections. I have to admit, that was pretty awkward and a great story to tell now about ten years later.

Her story got me thinking about my first dates with my fiancee. And immediately my mind went to a very very awkward moment.

It was back in 2011. My girlfriend and I had been dating for about a week. We really couldn’t do much together because I was so scared that my parents would find out that I was with her. My parents were very against same sex couples and at the time, we had to hide everything.

So before out date we had decided to meet up behind a few classes at our college. It was freezing and she was sick with a cold. Once we saw each other, we immediately hugged, missing each other and just wanting to spend some nice alone time together. We had decided to sit down for a bit of cuddling before we went out on our date. All nice and romantic. Almost like what you would see in movie, except with two girls of course. But we decided to get going before we ended up not having any time left for our date. (At the time, my parents had a strict time limit on me. I was to leave for school 30 minutes before it started and I had to be back home about 30 minutes after my last class ended. If I was late by even a minute, I would of course come home to a bunch of nagging.)

Before we decided to head off, she pulled me in for a nice romantic kiss. Another movie moment. When we pulled apart, I felt like my cheek had been wet. I rubbed hand against my wet cheek and looked down. A booger. My girlfriend’s nose must have been running and most likely when we were kissing, her nose pressed up against my cheek.

To save her from the embarrassment, I pretended like nothing happened. She hadn’t noticed that “gift” she had left behind and hadn’t seen me cleaning my hand with a tissue. And we continued on our merry way.

It wasn’t until two years later that I told her about that embarrassing moment, and of course she squealed, hid, refused to talk to me and just wanted to die. Though to me it obviously wasn’t that bad because now, almost three years later, we are about to get married. It’s just another story to tell. ❤Image


Ok so I’m a believer in the paranormal. Ghosts and whatnot. But it’s usually hard to convince me that a place is haunted because so many people make false claims. I kinda have to see it with my own eyes or have had heard it from a reliable source. (Or what I think is reliable…)

I do believe that the dead leave something behind, whether it be energy, essences, or whatever you want to call it. I believe it. It might not be often but I know that it happens. I’ve seen and collected proof myself. It’s there.

What I really don’t believe is psychics. But who knows. Maybe one might surprise me. I’m open to the possibility.


100 Books in a Year Challenge

So today at work, I was approached with an interesting challenge. Can I ready 100 books in a span of a year??? Of course I can, silly mortals!

I would have liked to have started this challenge on the new year but I just can’t wait considering that I have about 20 books waiting for me at the public library that I really should go pick up tomorrow morning. Lol.

This will be my new hobby for the year!!! 100 books, complete with summaries and reviews. I can do that. Though I have to admit that I most likely will make sure that the majority of these contain some type of gay romance in it. Sorry but that’s my preference. If it doesn’t have it then very rarely will I enjoy it. Unless it’s one of those awesome books like Harry Potter. Lol.

And no Twilight will not be part of these 100 books. I hate that series. I wonder if I should do the same challenge with some movies. Lol. Just a thought!!! ❤

Recent Problems

So I’m not sure if anyone else has ever had this problem but I recently started to get these weird numbers calling my cellphone. Well, the weird numbers is not the problem. The problem is that it’s always the same guy talking about a prize I just won. Which is great an all, except when this guy gets hostile because I won’t accept the prize because he is asking for personal information and stuff.

Like, duh, I’m not gonna give you personal shit just so that you can rob me of god knows what! But does he give up? No. He calls and calls and calls. Even if I hang up, don’t call or put him straight to voicemail. He’ll still call at least like 5 times back to back and then later decides that he might just try again in a few hours, just in case I decide I’ll pick up that next time. 

Like no. 

Just take the hint buddy. This has been happening for like a month now. I have gone to the phone company to get him blocked from calling my cell but for some reason nothing has been done to block this. -.- Majorly sucks.

What bothers me more is that this guy, who insists on give me some grand prize, isn’t even calling for me! He’s asking for a Gloria Gonzales. I’ve politely told him, wrong number. I’ve aggressively told him ONCE AGAIN WRONG NUMBER!!! But he insists that I’m this person. -.-

He’ll ask me for my name of course. And I won’t tell him because, well, I’m not giving my name out to some guy who I don’t know and is pushing this sorta thing on me when I don’t want it. So naturally he thinks I’m lying since I don’t give out my name. He’s convinced himself that I must be this person. So maybe on day he’ll get me to just admit it. Seriously, buddy, I’m not falling for your scam. -.- Just get over it.

He’s like the obsessive boyfriend that never leaves! O.O Geezus. Maybe one day I’ll be given a number that won’t attract random oddballs that I’m not ok. One day… -insert crossed fingers-

The FIRST Blog of the Day

So now I have my very own blog. Hurray for that!!! ❤ I never really have anything important to say. Just a bunch a random or weird stories. Random rants about life and what not. Maybe me spazzing out over a new anime, comic, game, whatever. Just basically me being me! Which can’t be too bad…

Unless of course you have an actual life, unlike me. T.T

But hopefully for the most part it won’t be so bad! 😀 This should be the start to a fantastic new adventure!!! We will see how this all turns out in the end! ❤