Sex Blog#2: What is Rape?

Rape is any act of intercourse through force. Meaning that the victim has not said yes to the act of sex.

Now what brought this topic to mind is that I recently read an article about a young woman who drank too much at a party. She passed out and two men end up having sex with her unconscious body. People watched and took videos and photos of her but did not bother to get these pigs off her.

Is this rape?

Of course it is. She did not consent to intercourse. She was not even in her right mind set. This is rape.

But believe it or not there are a lot of people who say “This isn’t rape. She never said no.” It’s true. She never said no. But having non consensual sex does not mean that a no has to be present. Non consenual sex is when a yes was not present. A victim could be silent and not fighting and it can still be rape because she never consented to sex with a yes.

Now get this. In this article, many people felt that it was this woman fault that she was raped. If she hadn’t drank so much then she wouldn’t have been raped. Excuse me but when is it ever okay to rape anyone?

Regardless if someone is drinking or dresses revealing. Or has a reputation. Or whatever! It is never a reason to rape anyone. Ever. Woman should not have to be afraid of the way they dress or act. They should not have to fear being punished with rape. And they should never be the one’s blamed for such a horrible act. They dressed or acted that way, it must mean they wanted to be raped. No. No. No.

It it not a crime to dress revealing or to drink. Rape is a crime. You can not justify anything with rape. It is not within someone power to punish or supposedly show justice through rape.

Another thing I hear a lot is “she has a reputation of being a slut. She can’t be raped cause she’s always sleeping around.” Seriously people. Where the hell is this information coming from. A woman can have thousands of lovers. Shoot, she can even be a prostitute. But the moment she doesn’t want it and you do it anyways, IT IS RAPE! And it is not her fault. And she did not deserve that either.

Rape happens in all forms. It can be violent and forceful. But not always. You can be a victim by not consenting to it and not fighting either.  Just because you didn’t fight or scream never means that it was not rape. If you didn’t want it, then you were a victim.

What is even more horrifying is that there are witnesses out there. They watch. Take pictures and videos. They laugh and point. They judge. But they don’t stand up to stop it or help the victim. These people are even worse than the rapists. Because you watched. You let it go on and didn’t dare gain the nerve to help stop it. How can you live with that on your conscience? Knowing it was wrong, and you did nothing. There’s a special place for you people. I ptomise you that.

Now that I’m over this dark subject… I’ll be back next Wednesday for the next sex blog! Be safe everyone! And always do the right thing!


Sex Blog #1: Let’s Talk About Women

So I’ve been getting very much into politics, human sexually, gender, body types, etc. So I think my blog is about to add another section along with the book and movie reviews. Let me help educate people a little more.

Let’s talk about women.

For generations woman have been seen as a level lower than men. Women were not allowed to vote, get jobs, work jobs that were considered to be a man’s job, have equal pay in wages and so on. Literally. The list goes on and on.

Recently, the most ignorant story that I have heard is that a woman cannot fly a plane because she is not a man and the most honorable job that a woman can have is being a mother. Can someone spell BULLSHIT. Being a mother is great and all if you CHOSE to be a mother. It is not a requirement and it is not the only a choice a woman has.

If that was the only problem then I wouldn’t be so… disappointed. The other problem that I am seeing that is not anything new is that women are being objectified.  Sexually objectified.  In advertisements, movies, modeling, etc.


Why is it that the only say to sell beer, and perfumes and clothes is to showcase barely dressed women but not barely dressed men? Why is it that when a woman gets raped and she’s wearing revealing clothing, that the attackers defense is “look at how she’s dressed. She practically asked for it.” Why is a woman expected to accept and feel complimented when a man sexually harrasses her? Or to keep quiet so that she does not create any unwanted drama? Why is it acceptable for a man to wear stupid costumes but when they same costume is made for a woman, it is only a very sexy and revealing version of that costume? And please don’t tell me it’s because a woman asks for it. Bullshit.

Sadly, the sexual objectification of woman has been used for so long and for so often and even WOMAN themselves ars starting to see this as normal. WHAT THE F##K!? Other woman are starting to tell other woman that they are girls and should be sexy or alluring. Wear  short skirt or a low neck top. Show off those legs, make a man want you. Why is this ok, ladies!?

We should not just stand for this. We need to constantly remind the world that we are people too that deserve better and should not just be happy with whatever we get. I know there are people out there that think that standing up for ourselves is not worth it. Some might even say that I am going over board being upset about this. That our place might actually be in a kitchen or at home. Rocking babies.

No. Our place is where we choose to be. Our bodies are not sex objects. And we should not stupidly allow this.

Ok. Now that I’m done with my rant, please comment down below on your thoughts on this topic. Do you agree or disagree?

I am also starting a new theme for blogs. Mondays will be Book Reviews, Wednesdays will be Sex Blog days. I’m still figuring out a theme for Tuesdays, Thursdsys, and Fridays. Let me know your inputs. ♥♥♥♥