My Top 10 Things I Love

As suggested by NotAPunkRocker. ❤ It’s hard to think of only 10 things that I love because I love a lot of things. But I’ll try to stick to things that I love beyond reason. Like crazy love.

1.) Books. Whether they be old or new. If it’s a book I want I’m going to be all creepy like and fondle it and touch it and smell it. I’ll probably do that for a few week before I actually read the darn book. My fiancee started telling me that she thinks the books feel rather violated while I do this. I just can’t help it. I’m currently doing this to my recent buy The Sowing by Steven Dos Santos.

2.) The color orange. Almost obsessively. I try to buy as much things as I can in the color orange. Most people find it ugly, I think it’s like rays of sunshine. No they’re not yellow. Look at it again.

3.) I really love nail polish. I have bottles and bottles of it. But what keeps me from buying newer ones are the prices, I need coupons for most. And I really hate how long it takes to dry them so that reduces the amount of times I actually paint them. But I have a lot of bottles and I love every single one of those colors! Especially, for some reason, the blue. I just like how blue looks on my nails.

4.) This guy:


For those of you who don’t know, that’s my baby. Cloud. He just turned two on March 17th. Lol. And yes, he’s obsessed with guinea pigs. He’ll sit like this at PetSmart for hours if he has too, just to watch them. I had a few guinea pigs at one point and I would let him be near them. He wouldn’t hurt them. Just sit and look at them and occasionally bathe them (which they hated). I love this kid with my whole heart and as of this moment in my life, he’s very important to me. The only one in the world who, regardless of what mood I’m in or how much attention I give him, he’ll wag his tail for me and act like I’m his whole world. It’s a special feeling. And it’s a great pick me up when I desperately need one. ❤

5.) Hippos. They’re adorable. Everyone who says they’re vicious and ugly have not seen this:





THAT’S adorable. Cutest thing ever. No argument.

6.) Superheroes of all sorts. I love them. Especially Spiderman. I’m a huge spiderman fan. If you can’t talk superheroes with me then I honestly don’t see the excitement in your life!!! They’re amazing and fabulous and I swear to god one day I’m going to be a superheroes. I don’t know when, I don’t know how, but it will happen.

7.) Lists. I think that has something to do with my OCD. I love lists. Whether they’re mine or someone else. I just like them. I don’t know why I bother to make them sometimes, because I toss them or loss them, and I rarely follow them. But they make me happy and they look so pretty all neat and organized like. 

8.) Old Fashion purses. I love them. I won’t buy new ones because I feel like they don’t have the same character as older ones do. So I’ll go to thrift shops, antique stores, yardsales. And I’ll buy a bag there for like $1-2, I’ll be wearing that bag for a very long time. And I’ll make it look good.

9.) Piggy Banks. I don’t even put money in them. I just like having them around. Whether they’re makeshift out of jars and cups or not. If it’s a piggy bank, I want it.

10.) Coffee Mugs. This is my all time favorite thing (not including Cloud). I love coffee mugs. I might not be drinking coffee 24/7 but I love collecting coffee mugs. They’re funny, pretty, cozy. And they just make me feel happy and spazzy. I love them. And I have about 30 of them right now. But I still want more. (Just thought of the Little Mermaid. O.O)

Well those are the my top 10 things I love. This is getting fun honestly. Let me know what you think down below. Leave me anymore suggestions and I’ll see what I can do! Until next time! ❤


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