My 10 Top Peeves

Okay so I decided to start  talking about my peeves. Mostly so that people could get to know me. Because for some reason I just can’t talk about myself. So let’s start with this.

1.) This is my biggest peeve that has to do with food. When you’re opening a bag of chips or something… Open the whole bag. Like you know what I’m talking about, the chip bag has a side you can open the top from, make sure it’s opened all the way. Don’t just open it part of the way. This literally irks me the most.

2.) If I’m reading a book or watching a show or movie, why should anyone talk to me? This actually happens a lot. I don’t like being bothered when I’m watching a show or reading. It’s the same thing when I have headphones on and suddenly the whole world needs to talk to me. I don’t know about anyone else but this annoys me and I kind of feel like people do it on purpose.

3.) Hanging hangers the opposite away. This might seem a little silly, shoot I even see it as silly. But the moment I see anyone put a hanger in with the hook facing your way, expect me to sigh heavily and redo it for you.

4.) The word Coolio. That’s not even a word but for some reason people like to use it.

5.) People staring at me while I eat a hotdog or a mini microwave pizza. I know that I eat both of those foods weirdly. It almost looks like I’m playing with my food, believe me I’m not. I’m OCD. That being said, I’m performing rituals that I feel need to be done when I’m eating those foods. So please don’t stare. It makes me not want to eat at all anymore if you do.

6.) Dirty dishes that are put into the sink should at least be in a neat order. If you’re just toss dishes into the sink, it’s not going to make me want to clean your mess. Pile it neatly, it shows courtesy for the one who is washing them.

7.) If I’m talking to someone on the phone, don’t talk. Please. I find it rude because I’m already talking to someone else, I am not going to stop talking to that person to answer your question or to have a separate conversation. If I’m talking to someone important like a bank operator and you forgot to tell me something that I needed to know about it. Too bad. You should have told me before. Don’t start telling me and expect me to tell the operator, especially if I am in the middle of telling them something already. I’m probably not even going to listen to what you just said. It annoys me because I know I didn’t get all the information I needed before hand and once again, it’s rude.

8.) People who treat my books like they’re not special. If you’re borrowing my book, I expect you to treasure it with your life. I don’t want to have it back all nasty and ruined. And I don’t want you to keep it for months and months. I think I’m pretty logical and reasonable to expect it back after a week or two.

9.) Dirty carts or baskets from stores… Ew. What else can I say? I believe that stores should clean them up once in a while. I know that it’s just extra work, but I don’t want my merchandise touching something nasty and black that I can’t even identify. I don’t care how crazy I look while I am pulling out multiple baskets or carts, I’m going to find a clean one.

10.) Now this is one of my biggest pet peeves because my dog is my baby. I try really hard to keep him off of people. He gets excited and thinks that everyone automatically likes him. And I know that’s not the case, so I try to keep a hard hold on his leash. But sometimes it happens, and he is able to just on you or put his paws on you. But if you start screaming and swearing that my 17lb dog attacked you, I’m going to punch you in the throat. That’s one thing that will make me borderline violent. My dog is little. He’s not aggressive. He looks no where near intimidating. But I have seen people scream and cry and swear that he has bitten them or growled at them. Right while I’m in front of them. Don’t do that. Ever.

So those are my top 10 peeves! Hopefully I’ll try another list as well!!! Give me some suggestions down below! ❤ Until next time!!!


2 thoughts on “My 10 Top Peeves

  1. Ten things you love!

    I think the recording artist Coolio would have something to say about one of your peeves 😉

    • Lol. I bet he would. I literally would not listen to anything he made because his name bothered me to no end.

      And I might just do my ten things I love next time! ❤

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