Oh Memory Lane…

So the other day I had someone ask me about my parents house. Do I like it? What’s my best memory? Do I miss it?

Let me answer that.

I don’t really like my parents house. I think it’s way too big and the only people living there is my parents and baby sister. Second, I don’t really miss it. I miss the size of the rooms but not really the house itself. Third of all, what’s my best memory… Hm… I don’t exactly have a best memory, but I do have a very awkward memory regarding my neighbor.

Ok, so we had just moved into the house. At the time, I was 15. I had just picked my room, which was the only one with the least sunlight, and the only window was faced the neighbors house towards one of the rooms. I was excited to mean my new neighbors. But I wasn’t going to have time to introduce myself to them until the next day. So I focused on unpacking and getting settled. I didn’t have curtains on my first night. I don’t remember why. I think we had forgotten to pack my old ones or something. The thing is I didn’t have any. And my bed just so happened to be right next to the window. I tried to make sure that I was hidden and not visible from the window, I didn’t want my neighbor to think I was a creepier or something. Before I fell asleep, I saw light coming from the neighbor’s room. I was curious to see who they were, so I peeked my head over to look. She was very pretty. (I’m not going to describe her or say her name. Thing is she was pretty. Enough said.) I watched her turn on the tv, turn off the lights then lay down. What came next was the worse part. O.o

She was flipping through channels idly at first. So I got bored and kinda turned away to try to sleep some more. But I couldn’t anymore. So I turned over again to watch her. She was still laying there, in the same position. But she was no longer flipping through channels. She was just laying there watching porn. O.o I’m pretty sure she didn’t know she was being watched because she had her curtains opened wide. She probably didn’t even know that she had new neighbors that had just moved in that day. Yeah I’m pretty sure she didn’t know. So I slowly rolled over and out of my bed, making sure to crawl on the floor so she wouldn’t see me, and got out of my room. That night I slept on the couch.

I never got the nerve to go introduce myself to my neighbor. I now know her name but she doesn’t know mine and she has rarely seen me. I’m glad that she started closing her curtains after that night. I ended up changing rooms the next day too. I think back on it and I laugh my head off. Though I’m pretty sure if I ever told her she’d be horrified.

Remember to keep your curtains closed at night people! You don’t know who could be watching. In the dark. Like a creeper.

Damn, I should be the one embarrassed for staring. Serves me right…


So What If My Kids Are Gay?

Very well said.


ourfamilyI forget sometimes what outdated attitudes still linger outside of this nice little gay-friendly bubble in which I spend most of my life. Earlier this week, I recorded a podcast called Dadsaster. The topic was Gay Dads, and I was the gay dad they interviewed. I was a little surprised to discover that after interviewing me, the hosts were set to question a member of the anti-gay Family Research Council, as if “Gay Dads” was a topic that required a pro-and-con debate.

To me, the only thing anyone needs to ask the FRC is, “Why can’t you lay off gay dads, you obsessive creeps?” Maybe that was on their question list. I’m not sure.

What really surprised me was when the hosts, two straight dads — who were very polite and respectful, I should point out — said, “One of the questions people have is, are your kids…

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CPR/BLS Training and Certification

So I just completed my CPR/BLS training. And surprisingly I passed it all with flying colors. Though now I don’t understand what good I’ll be since all that training and pumping left me with a messed up wrist. So for the next few days, I hope no one is dying in front of me. -.-
Before I had even entered the class to start the training, there was a younger woman that was over exaggerating her movements with her paperwork, and whacked me a few times on the shoulder.  Then she opened her booklet and took out her notes, then she turned over to me and said “I’ve read this booklet at least 2 times, if we have a multiple choice test then I’ll definitely pass!”
Oh how I wanted to strangle her and claim that at that moment I had no idea how to perform CPR. But I kept things civil, and smile at her like a good person. Over all though, everything went fairly well, considering that I only had 1 hour to get ready for this class. Well hopefully the next set of classes will not be so bad.

110 Date Ideas


So I was searching for a few new date ideas a few weeks back and I made a list of all the successful ones that I have ever been on or that I think would be fun to try in the future. I decided, why not share!!! I categorized these into 3 different categories:

$- Free or very cheap.

$$-Affordable. Things that can be done a without completely breaking the bank.

$$$- Expensive. You’re gonna need to save money for these.

So these are just a few ideas that SO FAR I have listed down:

  1. Go on a picnic $
  2. Go ice skating $$
  3. Go mini golfing $$
  4. Go to the middle of nowhere and star gaze $
  5. Go bowling $$
  6. Make dinner together $
  7. Go to the flea market $ (go with a limit of $10 each and see who finds the best deals!)
  8. Go on a hike $
  9. Order take out and play a board game $
  10. Go to a coffee shop. Just sit and talk $
  11. Dress nice and go to a fancy dinner $$$
  12. Go on a bike ride $
  13. Pick a TV show and have a marathon. Don’t forget the snacks $
  14. Play arcade games $ (Try the nickel arcade!)
  15. Go out for ice cream and walk around town $
  16. Harry Potter Movie marathon $
  17. Pick an Italian movie and eat homemade pizza $
  18. The classic dinner and a movie $$
  19. Comedy Club $$$
  20. Go to a festival $$$ (They can get a little pricey when it comes to buying things.)
  21. Go to a movie $$
  22. Cooking Class $$
  23. Go to the zoo $$
  24. Go to an art exhibition $$
  25. Go to a museum $$
  26. Go to a new city or town $$$
  27. Do a color run $$
  28. Water fight $ (With water balloons or water guns!)
  29. Make a new meal together $
  30. Cover the wall with butcher paper and paint a mural $
  31. Using uncooked spaghetti noodles and marshmallows, have a tower contest $
  32. Plant a garden $
  33. Clean or organize $ (It sounds boring, I know. But it’s really fun when both you and your significant other start doing it together.)
  34. Have a Nerf war $
  35. Order take out and put a puzzle together $ (Use this time to have a nice conversation!)
  36. Plan a bucket list for the next year $ (Both as a couple and an individual one for each!)
  37. Plan a “secret surprise package” for another couple $$
  38. Try a fun science experiment $
  39. Watch a documentary together $ (Believe me it gets fun if it’s something you both wanted to know more about!)
  40. Play a round of basketball “HORSE” $
  41. Have a nature scavenger hunt $
  42. Have an “I Spy” date $ (Yes I mean I Spy like the children’s books. See who spots things first.)
  43. Join your partner in one of their favorite hobbies $
  44. Bake something yummy and deliver it to another couple $
  45. Go on a Candy Run. Splurge on delicious sweets. $$
  46. Photo shoot date $ (Take the pictures yourself on your camera or phone.)
  47. Go to an amusement park $$$
  48. Visit garage sales and thrift shops together $$
  49. Attend a free/cheap class or workshop $
  50. Go to the hobby store and pick a project to work on later that day together $
  51. Attend a Farmer’s Market $$ (Buy ingredients for that night’s dinner!)
  52. Go on a factory tour $$
  53. Decorate mugs for each other $ (Visit the dollar store for mugs!)
  54. Bake cookies together $
  55. Visit the pumpkin farm $$
  56. Go to a ballet performance $$$
  57. Go to an opera $$$
  58. Try a new restaurant $$
  59. Go antiquing $$
  60. Go out for drinks at the local pub $$
  61. Visit a winery $$
  62. Attend a painting class together $$
  63. Visit the tourist spots of your hometown $$$
  64. Create a scrapbook $
  65. Visit an apple orchard $$
  66. Go strawberry picking $$
  67. Attend a live outdoor music concert night in your town $$
  68. Go see fireworks $
  69. Iron Chef Challenge $ (Pick an ingredient that your dinner has to have in it! Then eat each other’s creations!)
  70. Theme night $ (Chinese food? Pop in a Jackie Chan movie. Etc!)
  71. Have a video game night $
  72. YouTube Video night $ 
  73. Bookstore date $ (Make a scavenger list and see who picks up what. Discuss the date over some coffee!)
  74. Personality tests and compare results $
  75. Build furniture forts and wage war with paper airplanes $
  76. Double Date $$$
  77. Get a palm reading together $$
  78. Go horseback riding $$
  79. Go out for sushi $$
  80. Visit a bookstore and leave notes in your favorite books for future readers $
  81. Go to a carnival $$$
  82. Have your fortune told $$
  83. Visit the planetarium $$
  84. Visit the aquarium $$
  85. Have an indoor unbirthday party for the two of you $
  86. Go to the waterpark $$$
  87. Play laser tag $$
  88. Make your own sushi $
  89. Go see a play $$$
  90. Watch a movie you’ve never seen before, put it on mute and improvise the dialogue $
  91. Go on a yardsale treasure hunt, each person gets a $10 limit $
  92. Find the best happy hour in your town and make appetizers your meal $$
  93. Go to a trapeze class $$
  94. Have friends over and play board games $
  95. Write a story one where you both will be in 5, 10, 15 years. $ (Don’t forget to read them out loud!)
  96. Go to a midnight movie $$
  97. Disney movie marathon $
  98. Go to a concert outside of your town $$$
  99. Watch each other’s favorite childhood movie $
  100. Pinterest craft night $
  101. Go to a corn maze $$$ 
  102. Go out collecting $ (Like rocks, shells, leaves. It’s relaxing and it’s a fun chance to have a nice talk.)
  103. Go to the circus $$$
  104. Go for a run together $
  105. Go to a fair $$$
  106. Wander through the mall $
  107. Run a marathon together $
  108. Go go-cart driving $$
  109. Take a karate class together $$
  110. Volunteer somewhere special $

So that’s my list for now! I might end up making a part two of this list if it ends up getting bigger! Don’t forget to enjoy yourself and take tons of pictures!!! ❤

10 Pop Culture Theories Worth Knowing

So many theories!!!

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The age of the internet has turned waxing lyrical about our favourite fictions into a global discussion. With that has come the fan theories that fill in the plot holes and add to – sometimes outright change – the meaning of the story. Once you’ve sifted through the many, many explanations why Sherlock and Watson are totally gay for each other there are some real head scratchers. Here’s nine you should know plus one of my own.

10. The Pixar Unified Universe Theory

Pixar is home to more than a couple of theories – Andy’s parents are getting a divorce, WALL-E is psychotic and murdering other robots for parts, etc – but none are as popular or encompassing as the recent unified universe theory. What’s enjoyable about this theory is how thorough it is. Every movie created by Pixar from Toy Story right up to Monsters University exist on a single timeline…

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Frozen (2013) Review

Watch this!!! It’s a must!!!

Tim's Film Reviews

Yay the actually review is out! Didn’t really anticipate this film all that much, the story didn’t hook me from the trailers or anything but the film actually surprised me. The story is fun and unique at parts especially for a Disney film and the music is brilliant, something I am saying more and more about Disney films of late than Pixar films. Disney have really impressed me with their recent animated features Wreck it Ralph and Tangled where very good films and this is a great continuation of that. It’s enjoyable for kids and adults and if you like musicals I am sure you’ll walk out singing. I’ll go into much more detail below but for now bookmark this if you are waiting to see the film, leave any comments below, if you have seen the film then check out the spoiler sections and I will look forward to…

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