Maria Von Trapp, Last ‘Sound of Music’ Child, Dies at 99

How sad… I will always love Sound of Music…

(CNN) — Maria von Trapp, the last of the singing children immortalized in the movie musical “The Sound of Music,” died at her Vermont home of natural causes, her half-brother told CNN on Saturday.

The native of Austria was 99 and lived in Stowe. She died Tuesday.

Maria von Trapp was the third-oldest child of Agathe Whitehead and Capt. Georg von Trapp. The couple had seven children: Rupert, Agathe, Maria, Werner, Hedwig, Johanna and Martina.

Georg von Trapp’s second wife, Maria Kutschera von Trapp, wrote a book titled “The Story of the Trapp Family Singers,” which sparked two German-made movies and “The Sound of Music.”

In 1959, the play “The Sound of Music” opened on Broadway. Julie Andrews, in arguably her most famous role, played the part of Georg’s wife, Maria, in the 1965 film. Christopher Plummer played Baron von Trapp. The movie won five Academy Awards, including best picture.

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WATCH: Goats Entertain Themselves On Bendy Metal

Some entertainment for us as well.

A simple sheet of metal provided endless entertainment for a group of goats in France, according to the Daily Mail.

YouTube video of the goats has gone viral, getting more than 6.9 million views in less than a week.

The video shows the animals jumping on the sheet of metal and trying to balance, sliding off, and then jumping back on.

They did it over and over again, while a billy goat watched from below threatening to butt the other goats as they slipped off and wobbled around on the metal.

At the end of the video, it seems as though the goats finally “got it,” and one even takes a break at the top of his perch to scratch an ear.

CLICK the video player above to watch.

For more on this story, click here. 

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So I’m going through this cycle right now. I’m not very happy with myself. And I feel I’m 60 instead of my actual 23 years. All this working and seeing people my age being so accomplished in life is making me take a step back and think “Well what the hell am I doing wrong that I’m not like that yet?” Yeah it’s killing me.

I’ve been trying to read more, make more friends, become a more likable person. There’s one problem.

Okay, maybe two.

I’m not a likable person. Shocker I know. I get frustrated easily, I never know what I’m talking about, and people think I’m either mean or think myself to be higher than most. How did that happen? I don’t know. The other problem is that I’m HORRIBLE at making friends. Literally the only real friend that I have that actually likes me is the one who lives like 2 hours away from me. So I never go out, I never talk with people and I never get invited anywhere. I kinda just go with this flow at this point.

It’s not that I don’t like people. I would love to have more friends. But there’s just something about me that put people off or puts me off. We just don’t click.

Which is weird. I love comic books, books, movies, TV shows, animals, hobbies of various sorts, talking, walking, writing, fangirling, hanging out. I love what most people love. Shouldn’t it be natural that I make friends easy? Why is that not the case. I get so jealous whenever my fiancee says that she made a new friend, or her friend said this and that, and her friends invited her here or there. Why can’t I get that? I do I have to be the one shunned to the side.

I should be used to this by now. But no matter how many years I go by like this, it never gets easier. I know other people have this problem. But this is coming from my own words.

And then comes the problem of not feeling accomplished. (Sorry if I’m just talking about things at random. Just need to let it all out for a moment, hours, days, months, years.) Everyone that I ever went to school with is either starting a family already, getting this amazing job, graduated from an awesome university, is off doing something completely amazing. And what about me? I’m still in the same place, working for the same stupid job, not graduated from anything, haven’t started a family nor have I moved in with my fiancee. Nothing worth mentioning.

I’m just having a negative moment in life. Give me a moment while I go compose myself insist of finishing this darn post.

Blood and Chocolate by Annette Curtis Klause – Review



I read this book back when I was about 15. I remembered not really liking it nor understanding it quite well. I reread it and finished it today. Loved it. Now I understand the choices that were made and why. 

Before I review this book I’m going to be completely honest about something. I am very strict with the personalities, actions and character development of female characters. Usually because most books (not all) portray women to have horrible judgement, values, ideas, and they almost always play victim or damsel to scenes that a normal woman would have fought through if it was needed.

Oh by the way, small spoilers ahead.

That being said, I was able to tolerate Klause’s heroine, Vivian, to a point. Vivian is a very headstrong, independent thinking young woman. She lost her father in a fire accident and her pack (oh yeah she’s a werewolf, so to speak. Actually a loup garou) is forced to move to a different city, since some pack members had caved into bloodlust and killed a human. Vivian is different from the rest of the pack. She worries about the bloodlust and wonders if it is possible to live among humans without harming them. She feels like an outcast, different from both the humans and the rest of the loup garou pack.

Through a small turn of events, she finds comfort in a human boy named Aiden. To her, he is different and she feels loved in a way that no werewolf has ever been able to. Though, it is considered taboo among her pack to show such affection for a human. This whole story is about how Vivian pushes the boundaries without letting this boy know who she really is and keeping her pack from tearing him apart.


There’s a movie to this book. And I’ll tell you right now that this book is very different from the movie. The similarities are that she does fall in love for this boy and does not tell him who she is. She does keep her pack away from him. She does catch the attention of the pack leader who wants to mate her. 

Now for the differences. Please avert your eyes if you want no major spoilers. Because I’m about to just give the ending to both movie and book.

In the movie, Vivian breaks the boundary by showing Aiden who she is and in the end, she stays with him because he understands her and still finds her beautiful. In the book, Aiden is a scaredy cat and he at one point tries to kill her. He doesn’t see her as beautiful and reacts quite cruelly when she reveals her second form. She never ends up with him in the book.

Also in the movie, Gabriel, the leader of the pack, is about 30 years old. He’s arrogant, stubborn, cruel and lusty. It’s easy to not really like him and his old fashion ways. He wants to force Vivian into everything she doesn’t want to do. In the book, Gabriel is only 24. He has risked his life for the pack, he’s strong and is not afraid to kill, yet he always feels remorse for it. He loves Vivian and understands her affection for Aiden even though he tries to warn her of the dangers. And in the end of the book, Gabriel it is the one who tells Vivian that he loves her in any shape or form and it is Gabriel who stays with Vivian as her lover.

Big difference. Both are very good in their own ways though. Read and watch both versions. Let me know if you agree with me. Tell me what you think and which one you liked best. ❤

Police: 3 Arrested For Stealing $9,000 of Meat

They were desperate I’m guessing from the recall. Lol.

CANAAN TOWNSHIP, Oh – Three people have been arrested and charged with stealing more than 850 pounds of meat.

James Malone,36, Penny Malone, 41, and Tyler Chrostowski, 24, all face charges of receiving stolen property.

The Wayne County Sheriff said 15 minutes after posting details of the theft online they received information about the suspects.

Deputies executed a search warrant for a home on Canaan Center road Saturday morning. Inside they found a large amount of meat inside two bathtubs, and a fridge inside the house. Deputies said there was snow on top of the meat in the bathtubs to keep it cold. More meat was found inside of a garbage bag stuffed with snow.

In addition to the meat deputies found marijuana and the names and numbers of all the people who bought meat from the trio.

The recovered meat is valued at more than $9,000.

The suspects…

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Animals Overcoming Abuse: ‘Angel’ Lucky to Be Alive

Glad she’s living a better life now!

[ooyala code=”9najNzazqXn8QDqgpdQBy9WNyHipHYCW” player_id=”b248f00b9d6e4d7ba21cbc796a85f61c”]

HURON COUNTY, Ohio – Angel has overcome so much, and she isn’t even two years old.

“Her name was Angel when we got her, and we kept it that because we figured she was an angel, she was lucky to be alive,” said Stephanie Speir, who adopted the dog found near East 139th and Kinsman in Cleveland last winter.

Angel had been hit more than 30 times with bird shot from a shotgun when a child saw her wandering the streets and called for help. The Public Animal Welfare Society, or PAWS Ohio, nursed Angel back to health.

“Oh, it was terrible,” said Speir. “They had, like, one of the big cones around her head and her eyes were swollen shut, I mean, and honestly we thought it was a full-grown dog because it was – her head and face was so swollen, she couldn’t open her…

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