Book Review: The Replacement by Brenna Yovanoff


I’m trying to write this review before I drag myself to bed. Forgive me in advance if I’m harsh. I’m sleepy but I wanna do this review since I just finished the book a few seconds ago.

So I did enjoy The Replacement. It was spooky, dark, gory, full of adventure and suspense. It had me quite entertained. But sadly, this book also was horribly flawed in my opinion.

Let’s first start off with how this book was laid out to us. It was messy from start to finish. You can literally tell when the author was having trouble trying to get her ideas out in the open without murdering the book. I’d have to say she was somewhat successful but not entirely. Then there was Tate. Oh, Tate, Tate, Tate. This character was horrible. And not in a villain kind of way. I understand that this character had gone through some terrible things and that she was struggling with getting people to listen to her. But instead of being fearless and headstrong, the author made this character so unappealing. This character, in my opinion, never develops properly. She does not give a single care for Mackie, yet in the end she magically falls in love with him. When he tells her that he found her sister, instead of wanting to know more, she persists for like 2 seconds then suddenly wants to have sex with him because she suddenly had the urge to do so. It made no sense. Then on top of that, the author made her a hero without any real reason, she almost magically transformed into Wonder Woman, even though she was human and could very likely be killed by these supernatural beings, yet Mackie, who isn’t human, is a total wuss and shrinks into the corner. Mackie’s character in the beginning is lovely. He had a great story and had so much potential. Yet the author finds a why to overly confuse and and then magically find his own conclusions for every situation without actually gaining any knowledge. What bugged me the most of all about this book was that some of these characters had stories to tell but unfortunately the stories were just randomly placed, like the author didn’t know how to make the story flow into the plot so she just copied and pasted it randomly. For example, Mackie’s mother had an amazing story to tell about her childhood, which later on links to what is happening in present time. But she randomly tells the story without any real justification for it, so you have this information and you have no idea what to do with it or even where to put it because the author just tossed it in without preparing the readers.

Then there was the little things, like the author adding way too much information that was irrelevant to what was going on and stuff. This story was just messy from start to finish.

Overall, I did enjoy reading this book despite all the problems I found with it. I rated a 3 out of 5 stars on goodreads mostly for being messy. I think I went into this book expecting more out of it than what I actually got.

Anyways, if you’d like to add me on please find me under Spaztic_Nerd. Check out my ratings on this book or others. Let me know if you agree with me. Until next time! ❤


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