Book Review: Cirque Du Freak- The Vampire’s Assistant by Darren Shan


So for those of you who don’t know, this is book two of the Cirque Du Freak series. This books follows Darren Shan on this first adventure with the vampire who blooded him, Mr. Larten Crespley.

After an unfortunate accident, where Darren learns that human friends can be horribly fragile, Mr. Crespley decided that the best place for a child like Darren to make friends is back with the traveling circus. There Darren instantly befriends the reptile-like Evan Von, who shows him that life in the traveling business is not so bad. Darren feels accepted and almost believes that he is more human now instead of his half vampire self. With the desperate to feel more human, Darren has decided not to drink blood from a human, which Mr. Crespley constantly reminds him that he must drink or else he would die within a couple of weeks. Yet Darren refuses.

Darren also gets to meet a couple of interesting characters during his stay with the circus: The young smart-ass Sam Grest, the aggressive ecowarrior RV (AKA Reggie Veggie), and the terrifying and mysterious Mr. Tiny and his Little People. Two of which will end up scarring him for the rest of his unnatural life. (Sorry, guys, I’m trying really hard not to spoil it for you all!)

There’s really not much I can say about this book without giving it away. So I’m going to stop here. If you’re starting with this series I suggest you go onto the second book which is just as good and possibly better than the first. Definitely rate this book a 4.7! ❤ Find it. Enjoy it.


Blood and Chocolate by Annette Curtis Klause – Review



I read this book back when I was about 15. I remembered not really liking it nor understanding it quite well. I reread it and finished it today. Loved it. Now I understand the choices that were made and why. 

Before I review this book I’m going to be completely honest about something. I am very strict with the personalities, actions and character development of female characters. Usually because most books (not all) portray women to have horrible judgement, values, ideas, and they almost always play victim or damsel to scenes that a normal woman would have fought through if it was needed.

Oh by the way, small spoilers ahead.

That being said, I was able to tolerate Klause’s heroine, Vivian, to a point. Vivian is a very headstrong, independent thinking young woman. She lost her father in a fire accident and her pack (oh yeah she’s a werewolf, so to speak. Actually a loup garou) is forced to move to a different city, since some pack members had caved into bloodlust and killed a human. Vivian is different from the rest of the pack. She worries about the bloodlust and wonders if it is possible to live among humans without harming them. She feels like an outcast, different from both the humans and the rest of the loup garou pack.

Through a small turn of events, she finds comfort in a human boy named Aiden. To her, he is different and she feels loved in a way that no werewolf has ever been able to. Though, it is considered taboo among her pack to show such affection for a human. This whole story is about how Vivian pushes the boundaries without letting this boy know who she really is and keeping her pack from tearing him apart.


There’s a movie to this book. And I’ll tell you right now that this book is very different from the movie. The similarities are that she does fall in love for this boy and does not tell him who she is. She does keep her pack away from him. She does catch the attention of the pack leader who wants to mate her. 

Now for the differences. Please avert your eyes if you want no major spoilers. Because I’m about to just give the ending to both movie and book.

In the movie, Vivian breaks the boundary by showing Aiden who she is and in the end, she stays with him because he understands her and still finds her beautiful. In the book, Aiden is a scaredy cat and he at one point tries to kill her. He doesn’t see her as beautiful and reacts quite cruelly when she reveals her second form. She never ends up with him in the book.

Also in the movie, Gabriel, the leader of the pack, is about 30 years old. He’s arrogant, stubborn, cruel and lusty. It’s easy to not really like him and his old fashion ways. He wants to force Vivian into everything she doesn’t want to do. In the book, Gabriel is only 24. He has risked his life for the pack, he’s strong and is not afraid to kill, yet he always feels remorse for it. He loves Vivian and understands her affection for Aiden even though he tries to warn her of the dangers. And in the end of the book, Gabriel it is the one who tells Vivian that he loves her in any shape or form and it is Gabriel who stays with Vivian as her lover.

Big difference. Both are very good in their own ways though. Read and watch both versions. Let me know if you agree with me. Tell me what you think and which one you liked best. ❤

A Murder for Her Majesty by Beth Hilgartner – Review



Okay this is a simple read. A very simple read. Like literally it took me about two hours to get through this book. It’s not gonna kill anyone to read it.

I absolutely love this book. The way it’s written, the time period, the characters, the story line… Master Kenton!!! Sorry that part was very random but I have like a super book crush on Master Kenton. I don’t care, judge me.

I’m gonna spoil this for you a bit, so if you rather read this yourself, avert thy eyes.

So this book is about a little girl named Alice Tuckfield, who is on the run because she witnessed her father’s murder and she knows who did it. While she’s trying hide, she runs into a few choirboys, who decide to take her in and dress her up as one of them. (No girls allowed in the choir). There, Alice, starts going by the name of Pup and does a great job of fooling all the adults into believing that she is a he.

Alice has a talent for singing and she instantly wins the hearts of her teachers, including the not so friendly Master Kenton, who seems to just hate everyone. Alice becomes very close to Master Kenton and seems to bring a change in him.

Alice starts to get comfortable with her new life, until she realizes that someone cathedral was the one who set up her father’s death, and he is looking for her to kill her off as well. Alice does what she can to keep her identity a secret but it fails to keep her safe. She ends up being kidnapped by the men who killed her father. But since Alice was such a loved child, her little choir mates and Master Kenton run to her rescue and trap the murders.

This book is the perfect light read. You will find your nose stuck in it until you completely finish it. I rather this book a 4 on my scale and a must read for any reader of any age! ❤

Review: Demon in My View by Amelia Atwater-Rhodes

I’m not going to even bother lying about this book. It was an absolute chore to finish. I was tempted at least 6 times to just drop the book and toss it to the nearest GoodWill possible. But I fought on like a trooper.

I remembered reading this book about 7 years ago. I was in high school and this book just called out to me. I loved it completely then. I decided to buy the book about 3 years ago, figured I’d want it in my collection. Well, it recently landed among my 100+ books to read pile. And I picked it up about 5 days ago to reread it. Oh boy. The first time I read this book, it took me a few hours to read. Now I was belly-crawling to finish it.

Cutting to the chase here. This book is about a teenager named Jessica Allodola. She’s an author who goes by the name Ash Night. She’s (in my option) selfish, rude to her poor adoptive mother, likes to play victim and tough badass at the same time, feels entitled, and as one character called her “…thinks she’s important”. This was one of those books were a worthless main character gets to be the hero and gets the guy. -.- Though I’m starting to think that they vampire hero in this story has a bad habit of falling in love after about 5 seconds of meeting the girl he was supposed to have killed. I can’t even begin to describe what even happened to make the book end as uninteresting as it did.

The book started rocky, ran through the the muddy plot and ended before you were even able to make sense of the mess. Yeah I can’t really see any teenager liking this book but hey, I’ve been very wrong before.

Would definitely be rating this book a very low 1.5. They get the extra .5 because I loved the very basic idea of dreams being real. But the idea was horribly executed. I don’t recommend this book unless you’re trying to find something worse than Twilight. (Sorry, not sorry Twilight fans. I hate the books/movies. It’s my blog. Deal with it. )

Cirque Du Freak: Book 1 – Review



Sorry no spoilers for this one cause it’s really good. And if you’ve only seen the movie then you’re missing out. Like big time.

So unlike the movie, which starts you off as the main character being a teenager. The truth is Darren Shan was just a boy. A boy who loved scary movies and spiders. And he had a wild best friend, Steve Leonard (aka Steve Leopard). Two little boys getting the nerve to visit a rare and mysterious freak show, which quickly led to fear, betrayal and danger.

This review kills me because just giving a way a little can ruin the whole series. Just trust me. It’s a really good book and you’ll end up spending all night reading it until you’re finished. It’s funny and unbelievable and, at certain points, you might even want to reach into the book and hug the poor characters that have to go through this. And, with a twisted turn of events, you’ll be surprised by this ending. I rate this a high 5. It’s a must read. And please ditch the movie for this series. It’s not that good and it is poorly done.

Let me include a mini rant. The movie, had a poor cast. The butchered the personalities of these characters by picking comedians and teenagers. After 15 minutes through the movie, I had seen that they had skipped half of the first book which explains the reasons as to why things happened the way they did. You can’t rush a movie for a very good book. It ruins it. I rate the movie a very low 1.2 at most.

Read the book. It’s just better.

Review – The Time Machine by H. G. Wells



Finally. After about 5 days of trying to finish reading this short book, I finally have done it! The Time Machine by H. G. Wells. It’s probably one of the most interesting classical novels that I have read. Besides Treasure Island of course. ❤

So The Time Machine is a science fiction novel that was published back in 1865. The story is of the Time Traveler, who tells the tale of his adventure through time to many of his friends. He tells how in the last few hours he had been gone for 8 whole days in the far distant future where animals are extincted and the world is an overgrown garden.

He speaks of the people he encounters in their future. The gentle and child-like Eloi and the savage Morlock.

The Time Traveler begins is adventure by living a few days among the Eloi and noting that they have a happy-go-lucky lifestyle and seem to be very fearless… unless it’s the night. The Eloi have a very strange fear of the night and tend to sleep together when the sun goes down. The Traveler does not understand the fear until he meets the Morlock and realizes that the Morlock eat the little Eloi.

While the Eloi are unintelligent and happy little creatures, the Morlock are hungry and cunning. Even going as far as hiding the Time Traveler’s time machine and keeping him from going back home to his own time.

The plot itself has you wanting to know how the story ends. The Time Machine’s characters are just as captivating. You have the intelligent and troubled Time Traveler and his little Eloi companion Weena. A slight spoiler… Don’t get too attached to little Weena if you want to keep your emotions intact.

This book was a big surprise for me and I do recommend it to anyone who is into the whole science fiction genre. One little thing that I didn’t like from this book was that it took great effort for me to understand some points and when those points did come they were very boring and long. But I believe that it’s something that anyone can get past! 

I rate this at least a 3.9! ❤

Reviewing The Culling by Steven Dos Santos

Oh my God. This book was AMAZING!!! So I can’t really spoil anything. I have to be considerate of the people who have not read this book yet. But if you love chills and thrill and gay romance, then this book is a great choice for you!

Take into consideration that yes it is gay romance but it’s mostly hints and small gestures. The romance doesn’t happen until pretty much the end of the book.

That being said, the storyline itself is based little on romance. It’s all about survival. Think totalitarian government. It’s cruel, chilling, terrifying, and you will read it in one sitting! Get yourself a copy! You won’t regret it!

Book Two of this series will not be released until March 8th, 2014. It’s called The Sowing.