Advice??? Or Just Hear Me Rant

I haven’t had a long angry rant in a while. Just recently my boss came in to attempt to make me sign a write up slip. Which no. I didn’t sign. And I’m not going to.

For those of you who don’t know, I work at an animal hospital and I basically babysit the pets. My shift ends at 6pm and the following shift does not start until 6am. Meaning dogs are alone for 12 hours to sleep. It’s a ritual that I give everyone water before I leave so that they won’t go thirsty. That day we had a dog that is well known for drink water as quickly as she breathes air. That night, I did my usual. Gave everyone water and left for the night.

My boss came in today and told me that Thursday morning (the morning after my Wednesday evening shift) the dog had no water what so ever. I told her that unfortunately that dog is known for drinking a lot and I did fill her bowl up before I left. She says it still made no sense how the dogs water bowl was empty. I told her that the dog must have been thirsty, since it is not unusual that we open and see that nothing is there the next morning. I told her that we leave at 6pm. The next person does not arrive until 6am. That’s 12 hours of no one around. And big dogs are usually the first to be attended to. So small dogs are last. At this she said that she was with small dogs at 7:30am. Which I told her was 13 1/2 hours, plenty of time for the dog to have drank all the water. She told me that the dog still had water on Friday night when a different employee closed. I responded by telling her that we can’t make judgments on how a body works, because some dogs can be more thirsty and hungry one day and the next they are not. So her argument still doesn’t tell me how this was my fault. I told her the only way this could have been my fault is that I failed to give the dog a different bowl. But I didn’t since we never do and we almost always get the same results. 

In the end, I didn’t sign my write up. And I’m not going to. She said I can’t always explain my way out of things. I normally don’t argue my way out of things and I have no problem signing a write up if I truly made a mistake. I just find it hard to believe that this was something that was my fault. I know what I did and how I did it. I never in 3 years have had a problem with giving a pet water. I have to talk to my manager Tuesday about this. My manager does not truly like me. So I know she will not even hear my case. I know Tuesday will be the day that I am left without a job. Because I will be quitting. I will not be signing that write up.

Am I wrong? Is this really my fault? I really don’t know if what I’m doing is the right thing. But I feel like it is.


2 thoughts on “Advice??? Or Just Hear Me Rant

  1. Write up your side of the story and ask it to be kept with the write up (assuming that it goes into your file even if you don’t sign it). Stick to the facts, including how long the animal had been there and how often you have to fill the water dish normally (if you can remember, don’t guess though).

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