Hans Andersen’s Fairytales—What Has Been Read So Far

So I’m not gonna lie. I love fairytales like The Little Mermaid, Cinderella, Hansel and Gretel. But I’ve never actually sat down and read the stories. The original stories.

So my fiancee bought me a very old copy of Hans Andersen’s Fairytales. It’s literally 130 years old. I have never even touched anything that old in my whole life! Anyways, I kept hearing about The Snow Queen. Everyone says that it’s one of the best stories that he has written. I was also told that there were many versions of it… But in my book, the story is like 2 pages long. And there’s really nothing much to it. Just two kids who were friends, one takes off with the queen and is lost for a whole year. And then a reindeer takes the other friend to go rescue him. And that’s that. Not even details about the queen herself. It was an okay story but not really the best in my option.

The Daisy was another short story written by the same author. That’s a story that I really do recommend to everyone. Though it sound kind of silly to be crying over a flower… The story really is heart breaking. I won’t even spoil that one, just in case no one has read it. I think it’s one of his less popular stories. Though I really have no clue why. Though this story makes me think of bullies who are envious and though they get what’s coming to them, the victim still loses in the end.

The Steadfast Tin Soldier was another story that I had heard about. I honestly think that The Nutcracker possibly came from this story because it sounds just like it only it ends happily, unlike Andersen’s. This story will break your heart into little pieces, stomp on the pieces, and then eat it. The rats are not the main villains in this story. It’s actually a little goblin that curses the little soldier and keeps him from his love, The Paper Lady. It’s a tragic love story… Definitely needs to be one of the first stories that you read.

So far those are the only stories I have read. But next up is The Little Mermaid. Hopefully it’s a good one too! Until then!


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