Is it “Feminine” For a Man to…

Okay, so I recently had an argument with my dad about what makes a man feminine. It started while I was watching Extreme Couponing and my dad decided to walk in and watch it with me. He immediately started to say that having a man coupon and shop is very feminine. Saying that a man should not do something that was meant for a woman.

Now I consider myself very open-minded considering that I’m from a earlier generation. I disagree with my father and think that if a man is able to take on that chore and save money in the process, why shouldn’t he do it. It might be helping out his wife. I think that in this day and age, people don’t really care what role a man takes on.

Of course my dad was not very willing to accept that. In his opinion he believes that the old roles of women and men is still the best way to go by. A man, in my father’s opinion, is considered feminine or lazy if he does the following:

1.) Is the one shopping for groceries.

2.) Enjoys clothes shopping.

3.) Is a stay at home dad.

4.) Cooks for the family. (Not including barbecuing.)

5.) Knows how to dress himself in a very fashionable way.

6.) Does not know a thing about mechanics.

7.) Cleans the house. (Not including yards, garages or trash.)

8.) Does not watch sports.

9.) He hates scary movies or scary rides at theme parks.

10.) He’s very clean and well groomed.

See… I think most, if not all, of these are not things that are to be insulted upon. I think a man who can do most of these or is most of these is a man who is very open to changing his role and is possibly even considerate about his wife. I think the world is changing and people stuck in the past are just gonna see things get different every day. And they’re not going to be able to deal with it. Well… That’s just my own opinion of course.


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