Elf On the Shelf Tradition

So very recently I started to hear about the Elf On the Shelf tradition. Apparently front what I heard, this elf was supposed to be a motivator to get kids to behave better during the Christmas holiday. So I guess during the night when the kids are asleep, the parent is supposed to move the elf and make it do something new, starting from Thanksgiving to Christmas. It’s a very cute idea. Well, I thought so.
I decided to get an elf of my own, which I did today. I don’t have any kids of my own, but I decided it might be fun for newlyweds. Maybe as a little prankster. Or a little hint as to what will be going on that day. I dont know yet. I think it might  be too late to start the tradition now since Christmas is just a week away. But I will definitely start it next year and maybe start planning a few weeks before then as to what I’ll have our little elf do.
For now, he just has a name. Jack. For Jack Frost. We’ll see how this little tradition goes!


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