110 Date Ideas


So I was searching for a few new date ideas a few weeks back and I made a list of all the successful ones that I have ever been on or that I think would be fun to try in the future. I decided, why not share!!! I categorized these into 3 different categories:

$- Free or very cheap.

$$-Affordable. Things that can be done a without completely breaking the bank.

$$$- Expensive. You’re gonna need to save money for these.

So these are just a few ideas that SO FAR I have listed down:

  1. Go on a picnic $
  2. Go ice skating $$
  3. Go mini golfing $$
  4. Go to the middle of nowhere and star gaze $
  5. Go bowling $$
  6. Make dinner together $
  7. Go to the flea market $ (go with a limit of $10 each and see who finds the best deals!)
  8. Go on a hike $
  9. Order take out and play a board game $
  10. Go to a coffee shop. Just sit and talk $
  11. Dress nice and go to a fancy dinner $$$
  12. Go on a bike ride $
  13. Pick a TV show and have a marathon. Don’t forget the snacks $
  14. Play arcade games $ (Try the nickel arcade!)
  15. Go out for ice cream and walk around town $
  16. Harry Potter Movie marathon $
  17. Pick an Italian movie and eat homemade pizza $
  18. The classic dinner and a movie $$
  19. Comedy Club $$$
  20. Go to a festival $$$ (They can get a little pricey when it comes to buying things.)
  21. Go to a movie $$
  22. Cooking Class $$
  23. Go to the zoo $$
  24. Go to an art exhibition $$
  25. Go to a museum $$
  26. Go to a new city or town $$$
  27. Do a color run $$
  28. Water fight $ (With water balloons or water guns!)
  29. Make a new meal together $
  30. Cover the wall with butcher paper and paint a mural $
  31. Using uncooked spaghetti noodles and marshmallows, have a tower contest $
  32. Plant a garden $
  33. Clean or organize $ (It sounds boring, I know. But it’s really fun when both you and your significant other start doing it together.)
  34. Have a Nerf war $
  35. Order take out and put a puzzle together $ (Use this time to have a nice conversation!)
  36. Plan a bucket list for the next year $ (Both as a couple and an individual one for each!)
  37. Plan a “secret surprise package” for another couple $$
  38. Try a fun science experiment $
  39. Watch a documentary together $ (Believe me it gets fun if it’s something you both wanted to know more about!)
  40. Play a round of basketball “HORSE” $
  41. Have a nature scavenger hunt $
  42. Have an “I Spy” date $ (Yes I mean I Spy like the children’s books. See who spots things first.)
  43. Join your partner in one of their favorite hobbies $
  44. Bake something yummy and deliver it to another couple $
  45. Go on a Candy Run. Splurge on delicious sweets. $$
  46. Photo shoot date $ (Take the pictures yourself on your camera or phone.)
  47. Go to an amusement park $$$
  48. Visit garage sales and thrift shops together $$
  49. Attend a free/cheap class or workshop $
  50. Go to the hobby store and pick a project to work on later that day together $
  51. Attend a Farmer’s Market $$ (Buy ingredients for that night’s dinner!)
  52. Go on a factory tour $$
  53. Decorate mugs for each other $ (Visit the dollar store for mugs!)
  54. Bake cookies together $
  55. Visit the pumpkin farm $$
  56. Go to a ballet performance $$$
  57. Go to an opera $$$
  58. Try a new restaurant $$
  59. Go antiquing $$
  60. Go out for drinks at the local pub $$
  61. Visit a winery $$
  62. Attend a painting class together $$
  63. Visit the tourist spots of your hometown $$$
  64. Create a scrapbook $
  65. Visit an apple orchard $$
  66. Go strawberry picking $$
  67. Attend a live outdoor music concert night in your town $$
  68. Go see fireworks $
  69. Iron Chef Challenge $ (Pick an ingredient that your dinner has to have in it! Then eat each other’s creations!)
  70. Theme night $ (Chinese food? Pop in a Jackie Chan movie. Etc!)
  71. Have a video game night $
  72. YouTube Video night $ 
  73. Bookstore date $ (Make a scavenger list and see who picks up what. Discuss the date over some coffee!)
  74. Personality tests and compare results $
  75. Build furniture forts and wage war with paper airplanes $
  76. Double Date $$$
  77. Get a palm reading together $$
  78. Go horseback riding $$
  79. Go out for sushi $$
  80. Visit a bookstore and leave notes in your favorite books for future readers $
  81. Go to a carnival $$$
  82. Have your fortune told $$
  83. Visit the planetarium $$
  84. Visit the aquarium $$
  85. Have an indoor unbirthday party for the two of you $
  86. Go to the waterpark $$$
  87. Play laser tag $$
  88. Make your own sushi $
  89. Go see a play $$$
  90. Watch a movie you’ve never seen before, put it on mute and improvise the dialogue $
  91. Go on a yardsale treasure hunt, each person gets a $10 limit $
  92. Find the best happy hour in your town and make appetizers your meal $$
  93. Go to a trapeze class $$
  94. Have friends over and play board games $
  95. Write a story one where you both will be in 5, 10, 15 years. $ (Don’t forget to read them out loud!)
  96. Go to a midnight movie $$
  97. Disney movie marathon $
  98. Go to a concert outside of your town $$$
  99. Watch each other’s favorite childhood movie $
  100. Pinterest craft night $
  101. Go to a corn maze $$$ 
  102. Go out collecting $ (Like rocks, shells, leaves. It’s relaxing and it’s a fun chance to have a nice talk.)
  103. Go to the circus $$$
  104. Go for a run together $
  105. Go to a fair $$$
  106. Wander through the mall $
  107. Run a marathon together $
  108. Go go-cart driving $$
  109. Take a karate class together $$
  110. Volunteer somewhere special $

So that’s my list for now! I might end up making a part two of this list if it ends up getting bigger! Don’t forget to enjoy yourself and take tons of pictures!!! ❤


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