CPR/BLS Training and Certification

So I just completed my CPR/BLS training. And surprisingly I passed it all with flying colors. Though now I don’t understand what good I’ll be since all that training and pumping left me with a messed up wrist. So for the next few days, I hope no one is dying in front of me. -.-
Before I had even entered the class to start the training, there was a younger woman that was over exaggerating her movements with her paperwork, and whacked me a few times on the shoulder.  Then she opened her booklet and took out her notes, then she turned over to me and said “I’ve read this booklet at least 2 times, if we have a multiple choice test then I’ll definitely pass!”
Oh how I wanted to strangle her and claim that at that moment I had no idea how to perform CPR. But I kept things civil, and smile at her like a good person. Over all though, everything went fairly well, considering that I only had 1 hour to get ready for this class. Well hopefully the next set of classes will not be so bad.


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