Book Review: Tantalize by Cynthia Leitich Smith

First of all, let me say that I have done away with the schedule that I had made. I could not keep up with it since I had so much going on. Plus let’s face it. I’m not that organized! So I’m back to my movie and book reviews and my randomness. Sorry!!! ❤

Now let’s talk books. Particularly, Tantalize.


Now I remember reading this book when I was about 19, I think. I remembered liking it but for some reason I could not remember what it was about. So I reread it in a day. Yup a day. I know. All 310 pages of it.

Let me just say this (though I think I have said it before…), I typically hate female protagonist. Most because they tend to make the wrong choices, are hard headed instead of headstrong, they feel like the world owes them something, they gain a love that they don’t deserve… Honestly my list goes on and on. The end factor is, I hate female protagonist most times. That’s my thing, don’t hate me for saying it.

Now, the protagonist in this book, Quincie Morris, I did not hate. Quincie is about 17, just lost her parents, in now the owner of a restaurant that her uncle manages for her until she turns 21, and she’s in love with her childhood best friend who is also a werewolf. Keep in mind, that I never said I liked this female character, but I didn’t hate her. So I will not be bashing her character to bits. She had a few moments where she over sexualized herself. But honestly that was the only fault I found in her.

Kieren is Quincie’s wolf friend. He’s very unique because unlike most werewolves of his kind, he can’t change at will. He’s also in love with Quincie but he will never show it or act upon it because he is afraid of hurting her. I loved this character to bits. Unfortunately, though Kieren’s character is strong and steady throughout the book, you will see it suddenly drop at the end of the book, which makes me angry at the author.

Then there’s our Bradley. Vampire macho. You learn to love him despite him being the bad guy. He wants Quincie to be his bride. And he wants her restaurant to attract other vampires. He had a great potential to be a badass villain. But… just like with Kieren, his strong character suddenly goes down hill and he is defeated WAY too easily in my opinion.

Now I don’t want to give away the story more than I have, I figured that with this book I’d talk more about the characters than the actual story. Let’s just say the beginning was okay, the middle was great and kept you hooked and the ending was right out just plain weak. I rated this book 3 stars on Goodreads. I would have rated it higher had it not been for the lame way it had ended. Though I will say that this book is worth your time and you can enjoy its good moments. 

I’m off for now! If you’re interested in following me on Goodreads, look for Spaztic_Nerd! Check out what I’m reading and what I have read! Let me know if you agree or disagree! ❤ Until next time!


2 thoughts on “Book Review: Tantalize by Cynthia Leitich Smith

  1. I have the same problem with female protagonists. Either they’re Bella, and mope, or they just try to take their clothes off. However when I do find a female protagonist I like, it makes me love her all the more for being hard to find.

    • Exactly. I hold good female protagonists in the highest regards when I do find one. But sadly there aren’t that many. I can literally count the ones I have enjoyed on my fingers. And I have read A LOT of books. Lol.

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