Book Review: A Tale of the City by Armistead Maupin


First of all, I’m going to say that it’s 11:03 pm on Monday and I almost didn’t post this because I’m still not over my depression. But I figured that I’ll get my butt up and try to be productive, even if it’s just writing one blog. Right?

Now let’s get to the review.

I loved this book. I really did. And as soon as I found out that there were more books to this tale, I went right over to the book store and bought books 2 and 3. 

This book started off so blah. Like you knew that someone was staying permanently in San Francisco with a friend that she hadn’t seen since high school. You knew that the friend liked to sleep around. It was almost boring. But it still was interesting enough to keep you going. As the book continued, you realize everyone is weird and has some fault in their characters. Major faults, might I add. Let me tell you a few: Connie sleeps around, Beauchamp is cheating on his wife, Dede cheated on her husband, Anna likes to give everyone marijuana. See? Major faults. But before you know it, you’re held captive by this book and you can’t put it down. You need to know what’s going on with Mary Ann and did our gay Michael finally find the right guy and what the hell is Mona doing? The book sucks you in. And right when you’re getting towards the end, you start laughing, crying and becoming bewildered with these characters. It became quite a shock to me when I started to realize that I actually cared deeply for these characters and I wanted all of them to be okay. And I cried actual tears when a dead finally happened, even though I was expecting it already. 

I don’t have to keep going. The book is wonderful and it speaks for itself. I highly recommended this book and I gave it a 5 out of 5 on (Feel like adding me there? Look up Glass_Butterfly! <3)


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