The Princess Bride – Movie Review



If you haven’t seen this movie… WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN!!!???

Honestly, who doesn’t know about this classic movie. But for the sake of reviewing… here it is. So The Princess Bride is an old comedy romance that never really gets old. The story starts with a grandfather reading the book The Princess Bride to his sick grandson. In the beginning of the story, you have the main hero who is a poor farmer. And you have a poor woman who is basically his employer. They fall in love. That’s that. Kinda. Lol.

Well, the hero (Named Westley), decides that they only way to give his lover a good life (her name is Buttercup, by the way) is by going off in search of riches. He leaves and is pronounced dead shortly afterwards. Buttercup falls into such a state of depression that she decides that she will never love again and just lives life without caring. She even engages herself to a bratty prince that she does not care about. 

I’m not going to spoil it anymore for anyone. But after this point it gets really good. There’s sword fights, danger, death, revenge, true love. Everything a good story should have. AND it never loses it’s humor through out it all. By the end of it all, you will be laughing and replaying it again and again and forcing everyone else to watch it with you.

I definitely rate this movie and 5 out of 5. Watch it! Let me know if you agree or disagree with my rating.

Also don’t forget that tomorrow’s blog is Crime Time! Tune in to see just what criminal or crime scene I’ll be talking about! Have a good night!!!!


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