Getting On Track

Hello folks! I know I have been gone for like ever. I’m trying to get organized and blogs planned and stuff for the new week coming up. Believe me it’s been hard since I’m not good at pre-organizing things like writings and stuff. But I figured I’d be fair to my readers (assuming I have some) and finally get organized and start the schedule that I’ve been breaking my head over. I’m not gonna tell you what the schedule is anymore because I’ve changed it about 6 times and even though I have a solid foundation now, I make no guarantees to not change it again.

So you’ll just have to stick around and not bail on me. I will tell you though that Saturdays and Sundays will be my random days and you can expect a lot of rants and stuff. The normal interesting stuff will be on this Monday. Assuming that I can pre-organize Monday’s post today.

Well, this one is going to be another short entry. But I just thought I’d let people know what I’m doing exactly and what to expect. Not that I really said much since I don’t want to give it away. The only thing you can for sure count on is another Sex Blog that will be coming up this Wednesday! On time and what not!

Oh! Also, I just realized that my Blog site is on a different time zone than I am. I’m sorry about that. I usually post around 7-8pm and on my blog it’s like 2-3am. Sorry. I’m not quite sure how to fix that yet!!! But my post do happen for when I intend for them to be up. Sorry if it’s all wacky. It’ll be fixed when I eventually have time!!! Til then!!! ❤


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