Mother Who Drove With Children Into Ocean Believed In ‘Demons’

What do you think??? Jail or mental hospital???

(CNN) — She was trying to get help for her sister.

Help for a woman who was distraught and uneven, having driven to Florida to get away from her husband. Who had gone, at her sister’s urging, to a hospital only to sign herself out earlier in the day. A woman who was “talking about Jesus and that there’s demons in my house,” her sister said on a 911 call.

“I’m trying to control her,” the sister said, expressing worry about her sister’s three children. “… I’m trying to keep them safe.”

At first, the plea appeared to pay off: Police caught up to the woman — later identified as Ebony Wilkerson — after she sped away from her sister’s Daytona Beach apartment. An officer questioned her as her three children sat in the Honda Odyssey’s backseat, smiling and seemingly calm. Wilkerson explained that she feared for her safety, worried…

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