Child Goes on ‘Bucket List’ Trip Before He Goes Blind

Hope this boy gets to see everything he wants to see before he can’t anymore. Sending happy thoughts for the boys and their parents.

(CNN) — As will also happen to two of his older brothers, 12-year-old Louis Corbett will one day be blind.

The three young New Zealanders have retinitis pigmentosa — a progressive disorder that eventually deteriorates vision over the course of decades.

But for the youngest of the five Corbett children, that day will come much sooner.

“Last year was a hard one for poor Louie,” mother Catherine Corbett told CNN over the phone from their home in Auckland. “That’s when he learned that his case was accelerated.”

Though it may seem like a coincidence of extraordinary odds that three young brothers would be stricken with retinitis pigmentosa, it really isn’t. Though rare, the disease is hereditary.

Faced with the grim reality that Louie will soon lose the ability to see the world around him, the Corbetts decided to embark on an international sightseeing tour. “This year we’re going to try…

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