Graduating Soon… Yay???

So I’m graduating from the CNA Program soon. Yay right? I was really happy until this past week. Now… I just can’t wait to get the fuck out of this class.

Nothing wrong with my residents. I love them and they make me happy as anything. But what I’m starting to hate at the people in my class. I’m starting to realize… They don’t like me very much. They think I’m stuck up, I different, I think to highly of myself and what I do. Well shit right?

Normally I wouldn’t care. I’m not the type of person to beg for friends. If you don’t like me well then that’s just fine. I don’t care. But sadly this time… I really did care. A lot actually. It’s probably because this time, I really tired hard to make friends. I tried to get these people to like me. I tried to involve myself in conversations and in things I wouldn’t normally do. All for the sake of making new friends. Then I find out that none of them really like me and find me annoying. Yeah it brought me down.

I’ll confess, I cried. A lot. Which is very hard to make me do. And after I finished crying, I hated each and every one of them. I’m not a saint. I hold grudges. I hold onto the anger and hurt. And I make sure you get very speck of it back by twice as much. I don’t care if they don’t like me anymore. They made me care for a whole month, when they gave me none in return. Now they don’t get me. But they’re sure as hell gonna miss me.


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