Blood and Chocolate by Annette Curtis Klause – Review



I read this book back when I was about 15. I remembered not really liking it nor understanding it quite well. I reread it and finished it today. Loved it. Now I understand the choices that were made and why. 

Before I review this book I’m going to be completely honest about something. I am very strict with the personalities, actions and character development of female characters. Usually because most books (not all) portray women to have horrible judgement, values, ideas, and they almost always play victim or damsel to scenes that a normal woman would have fought through if it was needed.

Oh by the way, small spoilers ahead.

That being said, I was able to tolerate Klause’s heroine, Vivian, to a point. Vivian is a very headstrong, independent thinking young woman. She lost her father in a fire accident and her pack (oh yeah she’s a werewolf, so to speak. Actually a loup garou) is forced to move to a different city, since some pack members had caved into bloodlust and killed a human. Vivian is different from the rest of the pack. She worries about the bloodlust and wonders if it is possible to live among humans without harming them. She feels like an outcast, different from both the humans and the rest of the loup garou pack.

Through a small turn of events, she finds comfort in a human boy named Aiden. To her, he is different and she feels loved in a way that no werewolf has ever been able to. Though, it is considered taboo among her pack to show such affection for a human. This whole story is about how Vivian pushes the boundaries without letting this boy know who she really is and keeping her pack from tearing him apart.


There’s a movie to this book. And I’ll tell you right now that this book is very different from the movie. The similarities are that she does fall in love for this boy and does not tell him who she is. She does keep her pack away from him. She does catch the attention of the pack leader who wants to mate her. 

Now for the differences. Please avert your eyes if you want no major spoilers. Because I’m about to just give the ending to both movie and book.

In the movie, Vivian breaks the boundary by showing Aiden who she is and in the end, she stays with him because he understands her and still finds her beautiful. In the book, Aiden is a scaredy cat and he at one point tries to kill her. He doesn’t see her as beautiful and reacts quite cruelly when she reveals her second form. She never ends up with him in the book.

Also in the movie, Gabriel, the leader of the pack, is about 30 years old. He’s arrogant, stubborn, cruel and lusty. It’s easy to not really like him and his old fashion ways. He wants to force Vivian into everything she doesn’t want to do. In the book, Gabriel is only 24. He has risked his life for the pack, he’s strong and is not afraid to kill, yet he always feels remorse for it. He loves Vivian and understands her affection for Aiden even though he tries to warn her of the dangers. And in the end of the book, Gabriel it is the one who tells Vivian that he loves her in any shape or form and it is Gabriel who stays with Vivian as her lover.

Big difference. Both are very good in their own ways though. Read and watch both versions. Let me know if you agree with me. Tell me what you think and which one you liked best. ❤


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