Animals Overcoming Abuse: ‘Angel’ Lucky to Be Alive

Glad she’s living a better life now!

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HURON COUNTY, Ohio – Angel has overcome so much, and she isn’t even two years old.

“Her name was Angel when we got her, and we kept it that because we figured she was an angel, she was lucky to be alive,” said Stephanie Speir, who adopted the dog found near East 139th and Kinsman in Cleveland last winter.

Angel had been hit more than 30 times with bird shot from a shotgun when a child saw her wandering the streets and called for help. The Public Animal Welfare Society, or PAWS Ohio, nursed Angel back to health.

“Oh, it was terrible,” said Speir. “They had, like, one of the big cones around her head and her eyes were swollen shut, I mean, and honestly we thought it was a full-grown dog because it was – her head and face was so swollen, she couldn’t open her…

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