Parents, Students Warn Against Social Networking Site

I am so against sites like this for kids… It’s dangerous…

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CLEVELAND, Ohio — You’ve probably never heard of

But chances are, your teenager has.

“I would say that about 90 or 95 percent of students use,” said Cat Pruddinik, a high school student.

“It’s an anonymous asking site where people can go to your profile and ask questions and then people can answer anonymously,” added Alexandria Bowen, a high school student.

Bowen and Pruddinik said the social networking website is insanely popular with kids. But sometimes, it hurts.

“A lot of people leave answers to questions saying, ‘You are ugly. You don’t deserve to have a boyfriend, or to be with this person,'” said Prudinnik.

“You have no idea who it is. And also, if you want to say something, they don’t know who you are. You can bully them easily and say the meanest, rudest things that are you on your mind and not…

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