Animals Overcoming Abuse: Forrest’s New Life

Some people shouldn’t have pets if they are just gonna treat them badly. Thank goodness for Forrest and his new family now.

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SOLON, Ohio – For almost two years, one dog has stolen the hearts of animal lovers in Northeast Ohio.

Today, Forrest is finally living an abuse-free life in the suburbs while serving as a motivator for many to change the cruelty laws in the state.

Forrest, a Mastiff, was near death but has made a comeback that can only be called remarkable.

“He’s silly and he’s playful,” said Patti Harris, who adopted Forest with her partner, Robin Stone.

Forrest is approximately 7 years old, but he’s more like a puppy with his three chocolate lab ‘sisters’ who all live together in Solon.

“He’ll go fetch and run around as long as he can and if it’s real cold, sometimes I’ll notice a slight limp in the morning maybe when he gets up, but other than that you would never notice,” said Robin. “He seems to be completely…

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