Bad Luck Does Not Come in 3s

So I had disappeared from the face of the earth for about 6 days. I had a horrible week and if it wasn’t for my friends and fiancee who constantly pushed me to talk it out, I would still be in my room, holed up and eating like crazy.

So my horrible luck started last Wednesday. I was starting on my second day of clinicals for my school. It was around 8am and I was supposed to give this man a bath. So I carefully loading him into a chair and rolling him to the shower room. He was complaining of feeling very sleepy and that his bottom half was in pain. So I checked him out and noticed that he had not been cleaned properly. I figured that was the problem, so I proceeded to bath him. Once I got to his bottom half, cleaning his anal area, he suddenly started to gush out blood from there. I freaked out. I secured him then dashed to get a nurse. Once I got a nurse to come with me (it must have been 2 minutes), I lead her to the shower, but the man had already passed away. I cried for a very long time. I felt so guilty. Like I killed him. But the nurse told me that he had been going down hill for such a long time and everyone knew that he wouldn’t last much longer. He had been saying his goodbyes since that Monday. But it didn’t help me feel better to hear this.

Then Thursday came around and I was paired with a different partner, whom I have never worked with before. We were to transfer a larger man from his wheelchair to his bed. Well my partner had somehow managed to trap the man’s foot between the floor and the bed rail and instead of stopping everything to get the man’s foot unstuck, he pulled him and broke his foot. Then my partner tried to lie about this and say that he didn’t know and that the bed was broken and wouldn’t lift to untrap the man’s foot. I called bullshit on that instantly and told the real story. He hates me now. He was released from the program and I don’t know what else happened to him but I no longer see him.

Then Saturday rolled by, and I was once again at work. I was cleaning up after the dogs when suddenly I heard an alarm go off. I go outside to see what set it off, and I find a dead dog. All stiff and cold. It had been dead for a long time. Someone just decided to come by and dump him on our door step. Poor thing. I picked him up and put him in a proper place that wasn’t the front door or the trash. But it left me feeling horrible to see that no one even cared to take care of his body properly.

Monday came by and I thought that maybe the new week would be better than the last. And as soon as I wake up, my fiancee calls me to tell me that our car had gotten two flat tires. I was upset, not because we didn’t have the money to fix it, but because all our money was in our bank’s saving system and we had already maxed out our transfers. Meaning we would be charged a fee if we pulled anything out. I tried reasoning with the bank. I asked them to at least make an exception considering that this was an emergency and I had no idea something like this would happen right before the cycle would restart itself. But they wouldn’t really listen and they were very rude to me. I still got charged the $35 fee.

So my week has been the worse that it could possibly be. Lol. It couldn’t get worse. But who knows. Life likes to think I’m offering it a challenge or something. Here’s to hoping for a better week.


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