A Murder for Her Majesty by Beth Hilgartner – Review



Okay this is a simple read. A very simple read. Like literally it took me about two hours to get through this book. It’s not gonna kill anyone to read it.

I absolutely love this book. The way it’s written, the time period, the characters, the story line… Master Kenton!!! Sorry that part was very random but I have like a super book crush on Master Kenton. I don’t care, judge me.

I’m gonna spoil this for you a bit, so if you rather read this yourself, avert thy eyes.

So this book is about a little girl named Alice Tuckfield, who is on the run because she witnessed her father’s murder and she knows who did it. While she’s trying hide, she runs into a few choirboys, who decide to take her in and dress her up as one of them. (No girls allowed in the choir). There, Alice, starts going by the name of Pup and does a great job of fooling all the adults into believing that she is a he.

Alice has a talent for singing and she instantly wins the hearts of her teachers, including the not so friendly Master Kenton, who seems to just hate everyone. Alice becomes very close to Master Kenton and seems to bring a change in him.

Alice starts to get comfortable with her new life, until she realizes that someone cathedral was the one who set up her father’s death, and he is looking for her to kill her off as well. Alice does what she can to keep her identity a secret but it fails to keep her safe. She ends up being kidnapped by the men who killed her father. But since Alice was such a loved child, her little choir mates and Master Kenton run to her rescue and trap the murders.

This book is the perfect light read. You will find your nose stuck in it until you completely finish it. I rather this book a 4 on my scale and a must read for any reader of any age! ❤


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