Updates On My Thoughts On Pocahontas 2

My best friend said that I should just ignore any sequels or prequels that Disney comes up with, because for the most part… they kinda suck. And I have to agree.

So yesterday I had said that I remembered Pocahontas 2 being about how Pocahontas does not end up with John Smith. And I was right. John Smith’s character (in my option) was a whole lot different in the second movie than in the first. He was immature, arrogent, and believed that Pocahontas could not do anything. Plus, he had it in his head that he knew exactly what Pocahontas wanted before she was even able to tell him. Basically a bad guy that doesn’t deserve a strong woman by his side. They gave the main focus to John Rolfe (was that his name???) They made this John seem like the sweetest and most understanding man, even though in the beginning of the movie he was very negative towards Pocahontas and the Indians of her tribe. Plus there was just so many loop holes in the store line,. And what killed me the most was that Pocahontas casually  tried one John for the other. Argh. I really really just hated the whole movie. It shouldn’t even have existed. But sadly it did. A hour and ten minutes of my life wasted.

Yeah, if you’re curious about a sequel or prequel of Disney, just ignore the curiosity. Don’t even bother watching. The chances are that it’s going to suck and just kill the whole series for you. I was beginning to love Pocahontas until this abomination. Do not recommend at all. TO ANYONE!!!


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