CNA vs Boarding Attendant

My week of schooling is over for the week and now begins my weekend as a Boarding Attendant at my workplace. I thought I would hate coming back to work at a place that I’ve been employed at for almost 4 years and deal with the constant barking of fussy puppies. But… I missed being gone for 5 days. I missed the barking, the wagging happy tails, the tackle to greet you, the purring and whining. I missed the rare quiet times cause they’re finally all asleep. I missed being a Boarding Attendant. 🙂 I know these dogs need me just as much as my residents do and I know that they love seeing me everyday cause that means they’re gonna get fed and walked and attention.

It almost made me want to stay instead of resigning after I become a Certified Nursing Assistant. But then I remember… I hate working with my coworkers. My coworkers are people you love but would hate to work with. And right now, I’m pretty much ready to just be the friend they love instead of the coworker they can bully around. I love my puppies and kitties, but it’s not worth the struggle I have with these people and how very unappreciated my bosses and coworkers can be. So I most likely will continue my studies and leave this place once I get certified.

Besides, after meeting my residents for the first time yesterday… I fell in love with the environment and the way they make me feel like I’m part of a team. Sure it’s a lot more work and I have to be a lot more quiet and gentle, but I received instant gratification when they all told me they could tell I was going to be a great nurse some day. ❤ They made me laugh, had patience with me, told me stories, and smiled every time I helped them. As much as I love working with animals, I think I would love the chance to upgrade and take care of residents instead. 

I keep in mind that it’s pretty much the same thing that I’m doing now, just a lot more work, a lot more patience, a lot more care and I’m working with people. I love my Boarding Attendant job. But it’s time I trade my leashes for wheel chairs, my kennels for bedrooms and my kibble bowls for plates and spoons. ❤ It’s only up from here!


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