Review: Demon in My View by Amelia Atwater-Rhodes

I’m not going to even bother lying about this book. It was an absolute chore to finish. I was tempted at least 6 times to just drop the book and toss it to the nearest GoodWill possible. But I fought on like a trooper.

I remembered reading this book about 7 years ago. I was in high school and this book just called out to me. I loved it completely then. I decided to buy the book about 3 years ago, figured I’d want it in my collection. Well, it recently landed among my 100+ books to read pile. And I picked it up about 5 days ago to reread it. Oh boy. The first time I read this book, it took me a few hours to read. Now I was belly-crawling to finish it.

Cutting to the chase here. This book is about a teenager named Jessica Allodola. She’s an author who goes by the name Ash Night. She’s (in my option) selfish, rude to her poor adoptive mother, likes to play victim and tough badass at the same time, feels entitled, and as one character called her “…thinks she’s important”. This was one of those books were a worthless main character gets to be the hero and gets the guy. -.- Though I’m starting to think that they vampire hero in this story has a bad habit of falling in love after about 5 seconds of meeting the girl he was supposed to have killed. I can’t even begin to describe what even happened to make the book end as uninteresting as it did.

The book started rocky, ran through the the muddy plot and ended before you were even able to make sense of the mess. Yeah I can’t really see any teenager liking this book but hey, I’ve been very wrong before.

Would definitely be rating this book a very low 1.5. They get the extra .5 because I loved the very basic idea of dreams being real. But the idea was horribly executed. I don’t recommend this book unless you’re trying to find something worse than Twilight. (Sorry, not sorry Twilight fans. I hate the books/movies. It’s my blog. Deal with it. )


One thought on “Review: Demon in My View by Amelia Atwater-Rhodes

  1. As someone who has just read this book TONIGHT, I strongly agree with you. Along with the lack of character development from the main character, Jessica, there were major plot holes and very little time for the author to patch them up. While I applaud the author for not only writing a book at fifteen, but publishing it, I feel that it was not so much a good book.

    On another note, as a fan of a twilight (no grudges to the people who dislike), at least those book took eleven lengthy chapters for me to realize that they felt some attraction to each other. I was completely derailed by the main characters of this novel when they were attracted to each other. JUST SAYING.

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