The CNA Class

So I’ve entered into the world of CNA’s. I’ve been caught up in this world since last Monday. It’s been going good. Interesting. We were supposed to be in our clinical sites already, but unfortunately our class seems to be destined for failure. -.-

We had our Live Scans taken last week. Results are finally in. And we are dropping like flies. Apparently everyone besides my friend and yours truly, has a criminal record. -.- Which is resulting in people having to be dropped. We started with 9 and now we are down to 7. Who knows how many more will be dropped. I am trying not to get close to anyone since no one seems to be staying for long and everyone is worried about getting kicked out.

On top of that, we were supposed to get into our clinical sites since Wednesday. But our scrubs, which were supposed to have arrived Tuesday, have not gotten here and as a result, we are being forced to stay inside the class room from 8:30-4:30. It’s been a pain honestly. There’s only so much practice that we can do. Hopefully if the scrubs come in before class is over then we can head to our clinical site today before the day is over. Which I’m hoping for… Desperately.

My instructor has stated that this has been the first class to have had so many students dropped and/or sent to pending. And it’s the first time that a class has not had their scrubs in time for their clinical sites. Bummer, right? I’m really starting to believe that we are the only class that is destined to fail. They only thing that is making this bearable (And at the same time, heart breaking) is that I have a bunch of well humored classmates who make this class interesting when it gets boring.

Hopefully all these problems clear up and we will all be set to go soon! Here’s to the hopefully good future!!! ❤


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