Getting Back On Track

I’ve started to realize that for the pass couple of weeks I have been slacking on my New Years Resolutions. All the stress, depression and anxiety have taken over my brain and I have honestly not been up for much. Sometimes I feel like I’m not really that interesting. Then I went ahead and got into the CNA Program and have my job on the weekends. I’ve busied myself. But I see people who have an even more hectic schedule. It makes me think “Why I am not finding time to do these simple things like everyone else?”

So I’m putting my foot down and getting back on track. I’ve only read like 2 of the books out for 100 and I still got a long way to go, especially with me adding more books to my pile. And I need to review every single one of them. Then there’s the Wreck This Journal that I’m determined to finish so that I can start the rest of that series. And I haven’t been working out nor eating healthy like I said I would. I just got a lot of things that I said that I would do that I haven’t. But that’s changing. I got myself a kickboxing routine. I’m reading 2 books at a time as of right now. And I’m finishing a page from my journal everyday. And I am making it a point to post a blog at least 3-5 times a week. If I’m boring, oh well. I’ll eventually learn to be a little more interesting. Lol.

And last of all…


So I’m packing my schedule and we’ll see where that takes me! Wish me luck!!!!


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