Oh Memory Lane…

So the other day I had someone ask me about my parents house. Do I like it? What’s my best memory? Do I miss it?

Let me answer that.

I don’t really like my parents house. I think it’s way too big and the only people living there is my parents and baby sister. Second, I don’t really miss it. I miss the size of the rooms but not really the house itself. Third of all, what’s my best memory… Hm… I don’t exactly have a best memory, but I do have a very awkward memory regarding my neighbor.

Ok, so we had just moved into the house. At the time, I was 15. I had just picked my room, which was the only one with the least sunlight, and the only window was faced the neighbors house towards one of the rooms. I was excited to mean my new neighbors. But I wasn’t going to have time to introduce myself to them until the next day. So I focused on unpacking and getting settled. I didn’t have curtains on my first night. I don’t remember why. I think we had forgotten to pack my old ones or something. The thing is I didn’t have any. And my bed just so happened to be right next to the window. I tried to make sure that I was hidden and not visible from the window, I didn’t want my neighbor to think I was a creepier or something. Before I fell asleep, I saw light coming from the neighbor’s room. I was curious to see who they were, so I peeked my head over to look. She was very pretty. (I’m not going to describe her or say her name. Thing is she was pretty. Enough said.) I watched her turn on the tv, turn off the lights then lay down. What came next was the worse part. O.o

She was flipping through channels idly at first. So I got bored and kinda turned away to try to sleep some more. But I couldn’t anymore. So I turned over again to watch her. She was still laying there, in the same position. But she was no longer flipping through channels. She was just laying there watching porn. O.o I’m pretty sure she didn’t know she was being watched because she had her curtains opened wide. She probably didn’t even know that she had new neighbors that had just moved in that day. Yeah I’m pretty sure she didn’t know. So I slowly rolled over and out of my bed, making sure to crawl on the floor so she wouldn’t see me, and got out of my room. That night I slept on the couch.

I never got the nerve to go introduce myself to my neighbor. I now know her name but she doesn’t know mine and she has rarely seen me. I’m glad that she started closing her curtains after that night. I ended up changing rooms the next day too. I think back on it and I laugh my head off. Though I’m pretty sure if I ever told her she’d be horrified.

Remember to keep your curtains closed at night people! You don’t know who could be watching. In the dark. Like a creeper.

Damn, I should be the one embarrassed for staring. Serves me right…


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