This Blog Was Made From Tiredness and Tears

Right now there is nothing really to blog about. Nothing to even tell you people. There is no review on movies or books. Nothing geeky or weird going on. Nothing remotely interesting.

Today I am writing this because I’m tried and cranky and I really rather be home at this moment.

But no. I get to be in hell today. 🙂 Isn’t that just fantastic? (Doctor Who reference right there.) My boss insists that I need to be at work today. Taking care of the pets we have boarding over the weekend. Not that I don’t love doing my job… But honestly there is nothing here. I came in an hour ago (that being 5am) and everything has been cleaned, walked and fed. And now I’m stuck here for another six hours with nothing to do.

Some people might say “Well, you’re getting paid to do absolutely nothing. Aren’t you lucky?” And I have one thing to say to you sirs…………………….. YOU TRY WAKING UP AT 4AM AND GETTING OUT OF YOUR WARM BED TO CLEAN UP POOP AND WALK DOGS IN THE COLD!!!!!

Unless you wanna offer to take my place, you have no clue what this feels like. And I’m either hallucinating or this place is haunted because I keep hearing doors slamming. Argh! I really miss my bed right now. I mourn for it. T.T Good morning to you all from hell. 


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