Riddick – Movie Review



So I just recently watched this movie because I’ve been waiting FOREVER to see what happens to Riddick next! And I have to say… I was HIGHLY disappointed.

No spoilers in case you want to watch it yourself.

I feel personally that they butchered Riddick’s character. Before he associated himself as an animal. Untamed, wild and hunting what hunted him. He was intelligent and fearless. Pretty much a badass.

In this movie, he changed. I see him more like a domesticated animal. Trusting the wrong people, which is highly unlike him. He’s surprised when they actually stab him in the back. You can see the wounded look on his face. It kills me because he’s not like this at all. Not to mention that in this movie, I think he’s a little sexual. Unlike the last two movies where sex didn’t very much interest him. 

Now to the storyline itself. I have to say they made a poor choice in choosing a story for Riddick. I think that the best story should have been Riddick’s life and escape from Helion Prime. But that’s not what you get. You get the lame storyline that you get in the movie. There’s no real story there to me.

Oh and the graphics… I have to say they weren’t the best. The graphics for Pitch Black and the Chronicles of Riddick were at least 2xs better than Riddick.

Over all, I give this movie a 3 in rating. It would have been a 1. But I give it credit for a heartbreaking scene and the little plot of introducing someone that links the movie to Pitch Black.

Think my rating is wrong? Watch it yourself. Tell me what you think.


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