Thoughts On Wreck This Journal


So I was seeing a lot of Wreck This Journal by Keri Smith. I hadn’t hear much about it until I saw Grav3yardgirl’s video blog about it. So out of curiosity, I looked for this book and bought it. Normally it’s about $15 but you can buy it for $12 at Target. 🙂

So I guess the whole point of this book is to follow the instructions on each page and basically destroy the journal little by little. Book lovers… This hurts. Like big time. Everything you know about what not to do to a book is thrown out the window when it comes to this journal. You will be asked to do things that are beyond honest reason.

Like Grav3yardgirl says, this is like cheap therapy. Despite the fact that you need to mutilate this book, after a few pages… this gets really fun and it relieves so much stress. I think if you need a stress reliever, get this book. It’s totally worth it. By the end, this nice little black book will be gross and totally destroyed and you will learn to live recklessly. 

Here’s a page that I’ve actually completed so far. Just a little sneak peek of what’s in this little book and what it has you do (Forgive me for not being as creative as some! I’ll have more pages done a little more creatively):


Hopefully you’re a little more creative than I am! Have fun with your book once you get it!!!


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