Cirque Du Freak: Book 1 – Review



Sorry no spoilers for this one cause it’s really good. And if you’ve only seen the movie then you’re missing out. Like big time.

So unlike the movie, which starts you off as the main character being a teenager. The truth is Darren Shan was just a boy. A boy who loved scary movies and spiders. And he had a wild best friend, Steve Leonard (aka Steve Leopard). Two little boys getting the nerve to visit a rare and mysterious freak show, which quickly led to fear, betrayal and danger.

This review kills me because just giving a way a little can ruin the whole series. Just trust me. It’s a really good book and you’ll end up spending all night reading it until you’re finished. It’s funny and unbelievable and, at certain points, you might even want to reach into the book and hug the poor characters that have to go through this. And, with a twisted turn of events, you’ll be surprised by this ending. I rate this a high 5. It’s a must read. And please ditch the movie for this series. It’s not that good and it is poorly done.

Let me include a mini rant. The movie, had a poor cast. The butchered the personalities of these characters by picking comedians and teenagers. After 15 minutes through the movie, I had seen that they had skipped half of the first book which explains the reasons as to why things happened the way they did. You can’t rush a movie for a very good book. It ruins it. I rate the movie a very low 1.2 at most.

Read the book. It’s just better.


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