Worst Date Ever


So I’ve been reading a lot of other people’s worst date experiences. Some were funny and some were very uncalled for. Some where not that bad while others were beyond bad. Well, I decided to share my personal story on my worst date ever.
My worst date ever happens to have been with the person I am currently about to marry. It’s by no means the worst date in all of history. But for me, it was pretty bad.
So I had taken my time planning this cute little bookstore date. We were supposed to go on kinda like a scavenger hunt around the bookstore, looking for things in our little list and then bringing them together to discuss about what we picked up. That part was actually pretty good and successful. The stupid part came afterwards when we went out for dinner. We decided to go with something a little fancier and go to this little restaurant where it’s all nicely dimmed and private. She started to take pictures of me on her phone. I noticed that her phone’s wallpaper was of our dog and I jokingly said “You never have a picture of me on your phone. Just Cloud.” So she changed the picture even though I said I was joking. She then said I never have a picture of her on my phone. So I decided to put one of her on my phone.
Well, I have this really old touch screen phone. It’s at least 4 years old at this point and it takes horribly dark pictures and it’s always blurry, so I almost never take pictures with it. I usually carry my camera with me everywhere I go. Well, the only cute picture I had of her in my phone was of her finding a moustache shaped leaf and sticking it to her face like it belonged there. So that’s the one I put as the wallpaper to my phone. Big mistake.
She took one look at it and said she didn’t like it. And that that wasn’t a pretty picture of her. I explained (even though she knows about how my phone is already) what I could about my phone and told her if she’ll pose I’ll try to see if I can take a nicer one that isn’t too dark.
That quickly went to her saying “If I have to tell you then I’m not going to pose for you. You never have any nice pictures of me on your phone. Only in your camera or on facebook. But not even then.” Once again, I explained about my phone and I told her that I did have pretty pictures of her and I pulled out my camera to show her that I actually did. She was still not pleased. She said she felt like I didn’t find her pretty and that I obviously felt like other things were important. (Keep in mind this was the first date that we have gotten to have in about 6 months.)
Finally, it was my turn to get upset. I told her I was kinda offended that she thought that because I had proof that I did have nice pictures of her and most of the pictures I kept were of her. And I told her I thought it was pretty selfish of her to get into a petty argument with me when we are supposed to be on a date. Which instantly led to her saying “Petty for you. Whatever then. Do whatever you want.” At this point I decided to get up and go to the bathroom and take a deep breath. But by this time I was highly annoyed and ready to just end the damn date and go home. Which we actually did after we ate.
That was the was the worst date as of yet in my life. It’s not the most dramatic of all time but if me it was pretty up there. What was your worst date ever? Better than mine?


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