“Cutest Couple” On My Facebook News Feed


So this is the image and link that was put on my Facebook feed. I saw it and at once was like “Aw!!! So sweet! They look so cute together!” And then I did the stupid mistake of looking in the comments to see what people had said. I don’t even know why I bothered to do that considering that people rarely have something nice to say. The first thing I read was “Ew. Gross!” Why? What is gross about it? That they’re holding each other and they look happy? I don’t see anyone saying ew when a guy and girl are practically having sex in public.
Argh the way people are. It went from “Ew” to “God made Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve” and “This is why the world is going to hell. God hates sodomy. This is wrong. If god wanted gays in the world then He would have made only gays.”
Forgive me if I pass a certain line here… First of all, this picture is freaking adorable. Second of all, they’re in high school. Third of all, Oh! Look at all these RELIGIOUS people passing judgment over someone else’s life! Isn’t that wonderful how they’re allowed to pick how a person can be happy and how they should be living their lives. How lovely. (Did you sense the sarcasm because there was a lot of it. I made sure of it.)
How dare you have the guts to say that you’re religious and then point your dirty finger at someone and say they’re disgusting and that it’s not normal. Who the hell gave you the right? Since when did god say “Oh please talk for me and make a fool out of yourself by saying ugly things and saying that it came from the bible”? Why aren’t these high school kids allowed to love each other? Why can’t they simply be the cutest couple?
I’m sorry but if we are going to hell, then I’m pretty sure it’s not because we have “Gays” living among us. I’m pretty sure this world is going to hell because people are judgmental and can’t be respectful to each other and their decisions. We’ll be going to hell because people are booing and cussing over two kids in love. Because instead of seeing it as innocent love, people are seeing it as an abomination.
These kids deserve Cutest Couple. They are a cute couple. And you can tell that they’re in love. So I hope they go on being happy and that everyone who has ever judged them gets an ugly, sour face for their ugly, sour attitude.


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