Review – The Time Machine by H. G. Wells



Finally. After about 5 days of trying to finish reading this short book, I finally have done it! The Time Machine by H. G. Wells. It’s probably one of the most interesting classical novels that I have read. Besides Treasure Island of course. ❤

So The Time Machine is a science fiction novel that was published back in 1865. The story is of the Time Traveler, who tells the tale of his adventure through time to many of his friends. He tells how in the last few hours he had been gone for 8 whole days in the far distant future where animals are extincted and the world is an overgrown garden.

He speaks of the people he encounters in their future. The gentle and child-like Eloi and the savage Morlock.

The Time Traveler begins is adventure by living a few days among the Eloi and noting that they have a happy-go-lucky lifestyle and seem to be very fearless… unless it’s the night. The Eloi have a very strange fear of the night and tend to sleep together when the sun goes down. The Traveler does not understand the fear until he meets the Morlock and realizes that the Morlock eat the little Eloi.

While the Eloi are unintelligent and happy little creatures, the Morlock are hungry and cunning. Even going as far as hiding the Time Traveler’s time machine and keeping him from going back home to his own time.

The plot itself has you wanting to know how the story ends. The Time Machine’s characters are just as captivating. You have the intelligent and troubled Time Traveler and his little Eloi companion Weena. A slight spoiler… Don’t get too attached to little Weena if you want to keep your emotions intact.

This book was a big surprise for me and I do recommend it to anyone who is into the whole science fiction genre. One little thing that I didn’t like from this book was that it took great effort for me to understand some points and when those points did come they were very boring and long. But I believe that it’s something that anyone can get past! 

I rate this at least a 3.9! ❤


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