Taking Longer Than Expected

So I’ve said before that one of my New Year’s Resolutions was to read 100+ books in one year. I started reading on the 1st of January. Well, it usually doesn’t take me this long to read but for some reason I’m having difficulty with this book. It might be because I find it a little difficult to understand.

So I was planning to keep what books I was reading a secret until I finished them and got to give a full review of them. But seeing as this time it is taking longer than expected… I might as well tell you know. I’m reading The Time Machine by H. G. Wells. And it’s not a big book, so it should have only taken me about a day or two to finish it. But this book is taking me a long time. So far it has taken me 5 days to get through half of it. Which is kind of embarrassing to me. But in my defense, I am not only having trouble reading this book but I am also taking time to plus and read professors notes on the novel for a better understanding of it.

So I am guessing that I need about another 2 days to finish what is left of this book. So hopefully my first review will be made by the 7th of January.

My goal is to read about 100 books that I already own but honestly I keep buying other books that I end up having to stock on top of my pile. At this rate I’ll never be done! But… 100 was my goal so at I need to finish with that amount!


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