The Bookstore Date



So I kept hearing about cheap dates and I finally decided to try one out. Since my significant other and I are complete bookworms, I decided that would make a great date. And I was right. Of course, it takes a while to persuade your other half. Because saying “Honey, I want to try this bookstore date idea” doesn’t sound too appealing. But it is and hopefully they’ll give it a try.

So there are 4 tasks and each task has about 3 missions on it. The point is that both of you need to go your separate ways and go find each mission to complete each task.

Task #1

1.) Find a Recipe in a Cook Book that you would one day like to make for your partner.

2.) Find a Quiz in a Magazine that both you and your partner can complete.

3.) Find a Book that was a favorite of yours as a child or that holds a special memory… and read it to each other.

Task #2

1.) Find a funny joke and share with with your partner.

2.) Find a Picture or Information about a place that you would like to travel someday.

3.) Find a Poem that describes how you feel about your partner.

Task #3

1.) Find a new date idea that you’d like to try on a future date.

2.) Find a book that you think your partner might enjoy.

3.) Find a book that you once read in High School.

Task #4

1.) Find a book that says the words “Happily Ever After” in it.

2.) Find a Self-Help book that applies to you.

3.) Find a craft or hobby that you would like to start.

So each of you have the same copy of the tasks and missions. I decided to split mine up into four different envelopes for each and I handed them out after we met up. I suggest finding a nice quiet cozy spot in a bookstore and making that your meeting spot. Its fun to see what you both pick up and have to share. It brings up interesting conversations. And you can even grab some coffee before or after to discuss how your date is going or went. Honestly besides the coffee, this date is absolutely free. Hopefully you try it out and have as much fun as my fiancee and I did. ❤


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