The Twilight Zone – The Lonely



I’m pretty sure that pretty much everyone has seen a few episodes from The Twilight Zone. If you haven’t then you’re missing out. Like big time.

The Twilight Zone is a show based on endless possibilities and dimensions. Every show is a “What if” scenario story. If you’re just starting out then I’d highly recommend that The Lonely be the first episode that you watch. “The Lonely” is a scenario based on the not so distant future. 2046. Where convicts are sent to serve their time in isolation on asteroids or small planets. Corry is an inmate that is that has been sentenced to 50 years of isolation on his little asteroid. Four times each year, Corry is visited by Captain Allenby, who brings Corry supplies and little pleasures so that Corry can keep his sanity. On this particular visit, Captain Allenby brings Corry a large box which he requests that Corry not open until they leave.Image

Inside the box is a robot woman named Alicia. Corry, at first, holds hostile thoughts towards the robot as he thinks Allenby has done it to mock him. But later, Corry falls in love with Alicia and begins to have a peaceful life with her on the asteroid. The next time the ship returns Allenby arrives to tell Corry that he has been pardoned for his crime and can be sent back home and that Corry is allowed to bring with him 15lbs of personal belongings. Corry gets excited and tells Allenby that he would go get Alicia, but Allenby tells him that Alicia would have to stay since she passes the 15lbs maximum. Corry tries to argue with Allenby by telling him that Alicia is a woman and not a robot. Allenby suddenly shoots Alicia in the face and basically “breaks” her, revealing that she is, in fact, a robot.Image

Allenby leads Corry back telling him that he is leaving behind only loneliness. And Corry responds with “I must remember to keep that in mind.”


Go look for this episode. It’s a must see. It will make you forget that this show was made about 60+ years ago. ❤ Enjoy!!!


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